Margins - Dashboard

With the new Dashboard in Margins, you can quickly view all of the important information relating to your bookings.

You will be able to control the information displayed on the dashboard by using the filter button and choosing the date range, currency, year or rentals.

There is also the option to adjust the view on the page by clicking on the settings icon. Views are a quick and easy way to save your dashboard and report configurations. You can then go back to your previous configuration, or switch configurations, in one click.

Here you can set the page to always display with your current filters and select the charts that you will like to see when you view the page.

You'll be able to save a new view, update or delete your current view or set the view to your default view.

The information is provided to you with 4 top cards for the following:

Average Price per Night - Gross charge of last 30 days bookings/30

Channel Occupancy - Occupancy percentage of last 30 days

Average Revenue - Net revenue of last 30 days bookings/30

Unpaid Invoices - Total of last 30 days' unpaid invoices

You will also see charts to give a visual representation of the information below:

Bookings - Monthly booking count

Trend: ((current year bookings/prev year bookings) - 1)*100

Revenue - Monthly revenue amount

Trend: ((current year revenue/prev year revenue) - 1)*100

Expenses - Monthly expense amount

Trend: ((current year paid expense sum/prev year paid expense sum) - 1)*100

Channel Wise Occupancy Share - Monthly occupancy % grouped by channels

Trend: ((current year cumulative occupancy %/prev year cumulative occupancy %) - 1)*100

Reservation Per Channel - Monthly Booking count grouped by channels

Trend: Value will be same as that of bookings trend value

Property Occupancy - Monthly occupancy %

Trend: Value will be same as that of channel wise occupancy trend value

Note: Hovering on the different points on the graph will display a box with the date and amount.

You can also expand each chat by clicking on the arrows in the top right corner of the chart to view a larger version of the chart.

Each chart also shows a percentage in green which gives the difference between the current selection and the previous year.

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