How do I add a Discount Code?

Offering discounts on goods or services is a way to quickly draw in potential customers. When customers hear that they can save money on the stay they are looking for, having a discount is likely to bring their attention to you, even if they had not previously heard of your business.

Discounts not only bring new business and attention as a marketing tool, but they can also help improve your bottom line.

Important: Discount codes can only be used on Webready websites.

Here’s how you can add this in Tokeet:

  • Navigate to the Rates Module > click Edit > select Discount Codes from the drop-down menu
  • Once selected, click on the option to “Add” a discount code:
  • The Discount Codes popup will show up. You will need to fill in the required fields in order to save your discount. 

Mandatory Fields:

  • Type: Flat fee/percentage of the booking total 
  • Name: a contextual name is recommended for discounts based on rentals/location/pricing tier etc. 
  • Description: to quickly explain the purpose of the discount 
  • Amount: specified percentage/flat fee to be discounted from booking total
  • Max Uses: the maximum uses allowed for this. 

Optional Fields:

  • Booking Total: The minimum booking total required for the discount.
  • Minimum Stay: The minimum length of stay required for the discount.
  • Start: the date when the discount code begins 
  • End: the date when the discount code ends 
  • Email: the email address of the guest.
  • Rentals: the rental that the discount should be applied to 

Once you have saved your discount code. You can then see the code in your codes list.

The coupon code can be used in your marketing materials, emails, social media or displayed on your website for guests to take advantage of.

After creating the discount, you'll be able to click on that discount and easily copy the code.

To disable a discount code from the main screen, simply move the Status toggle to the Disabled position.

You can view the activity and the logs of the discount code as well, after clicking on the discount. These will show when the code is used and any changes made to it.

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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