Custom Domains With Tokeet Guest Portal

So, you have your own domain and want to use it with your Tokeet guest portal? No problem! Tokeet makes this easy by allowing you to use any domain for your guest portals.

If you don't have a custom domain you may purchase one easily from any domain registrar online. Once you have your domain, you'll need to perform a few simple steps to make it point to your Tokeet guest portal.

Setting the custom domain in Tokeet

  1. First you will have to create a guest portal using one of the provided free domains. For information on how to create a guest portal please see the following article: Tokeet Guest Portal
  2. Click on the Add-Ons button, click the Websites & Widgets submenu, and then select Websites

  3. Click into the guest portal website to open the website details overlay or use the edit button (3 dots) to select Edit.

  1. Click on the edit icon next to your guest portal domain.
  2. Enter your custom domain into the field marked "Specify a custom domain" and click Save

DNS Configuration

Now you must configure the DNS settings of your domain to point to Tokeet.

  1. Login to your domain registrar's website and locate the DNS (Domain Name System) settings for your domain.
  2. Create a new CNAME record pointing www.


  • Create or update your A record to point to Note that Tokeet will redirect any request for to www.
  • If you're using a subdomain as your website domain, e.g.
    and not a top level domain, then you simply create a CNAME pointing to and skip the A record configuration.

Note: Wait about an hour for your DNS settings to activate. If your custom domain still isn't taking you to your website, wait another day or two to make sure all the DNS servers have been updated. If it still isn't working, contact your registrar to make sure you entered the DNS settings correctly.

As always, we're here to help. Please let us know if you get stuck.

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