Auto Responder Trigger

Airbnb gives hosts a higher quality rating if they respond to guests immediately (within 1 minute) of a reservation being made. There is a large percentage of hosts that do not use Automata or TV3 Automation. This impacts their score.  

For accounts not subscribed to Automata and do not have a booking confirmed trigger in TV3 this popup is added. It is a reminder for hosts to create a booking confirmation trigger. Whenever a user logs in, this pop up will appear. Users have two options to deal with this pop up.

  1. Yes, Proceed

    This will redirect the user to the automations page, where he has the option to create a new trigger. If the user does not create the automation, a pop up will appear again when the user logs in again.
  2. Skip Now

    How to permanently get rid of this popup?
    To permanently get rid of this popup, without creating automation, check “Don’t show this popup again” and click Skip Now.

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