@Glenn said in The COVID-19 virus: How is everyone meeting the challenge?: @Leigh-Rees Leigh, I understand your concerns and will discuss them with Kwesi on Monday. At this point I'll just ask you to understand that we know there's going to be financial impact across the industry that includes us, and we're doing what we feel we can support at this time. If you want to send any information I can verify about what other PMS platforms are doing for existing customers I'm interested. As far as I know, everything being offered as free or discounted is for new customers only and only for a short time. I understand why they'd do that. I don't expect we will. Glenn, This is my point. Surely you should already know who is offering what in the market place. As a company you should be researching the competitive market place. I'm not going to mention your direct competitors products here as this could mean Tokeet could loose subscribers. However, they are actively targeting the tokeet community through direct phone calls, emails, facebook ads and on other social media platforms. You still need to look into the support staff you have, they are unhelpful, rude and unwilling to offer support. We mostly get one word answers to our questions like "no, not possible". Instead of being proactive and offering suggestions we get brick walled or incorrect responses. What people are asking for is a discount whilst the travel industry is impacted by COVID-19. Instead of giving free subscriptions to Italy you should have just offered a discount across the board. Offering an unfair advantage to Italy is what is angering your users in other countries. You say everybody is effected by COVID-19 but your actions give out a different message, that you only care about Italy. Obviously you can't take away what you've given to Italy however people would respect Tokeet more if you offered a discount to their countries. I'm sure your investors would understand given the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. 50% off would be a fair option until this is all over. With regards to what's coming soon, at present people are not interested in new features, they simply want to minimise their costs until this is all over. You need to stop the whole "you'll love what is coming" routine as people have been waiting too long for features and now it's angering them. If you listen to the suggestions by your users (they are mostly unanimous) you can change the collective sentiment of your users from "can't wait to leave" to "brand loyal happy customers" Tokeet has carved out it's own market segment, Yet you seem to be doing everything you can to leave this market and enter the premium market occupied by guesty and rentals united. Why leave a market that you are already dominating, it makes no sense.