@Serviced-Living-Liverpool-Team Hi, Group Rates do in fact push to the OTA's provided they are API connected channels. (Example: HomeAway is currently connected via iCal so no rate pushes will go through) There are some important things to consider regarding group rates. Group Rates are overwritten by any Standard Rates set up on the same rate category for the same rate period (dates). Group Rates and Standard Rates are overwritten by any Promo Rates which were migrated from the older version of Tokeet. Group Rates must be mapped just like Standard Rates in order to push to the OTA's you intend to send them to. If you are seeing the group rates show up on the rates calendar this tells me you have set them on the "default" rate category which is great. Next you must also make sure the "default" rate category is set to push to your channels under the rate mappings tab. The following article will be helpful in understanding how group rates are meant to work. If you have a specific question please raise this issue in the live chat so that one of our support personnel can assist you with the specifics relating to your account. https://www.tokeet.com/help/rates-management/migrating-rates-to-tv-3 Thanks, Christian