Connecting to MercadoPago

Now it is possible to connect to MercacdoPago using our integration with Spreedly. If you wish to work with MercadoPago, please make a request to Customer Support to have their gateway enabled for you. You will not be able to connect until this is established for you.

For Admin/PM:

  1. Go to Settings / Payments.
  2. Click on ADD GATEWAY.
  3. Click CONNECT in front of MercadoPago.
  4. Provide your details in the form and click CREATE. Make sure you have an account with MercadoPago for Access Token.
  5. Payment gateway will connect successfully. We recommend running a test billing with your new gateway to confirm its connection with Tokeet.

Note: In the case of MercadoPago, Admin/PM wouldn’t see the “Pay with card” button on the invoice

For Guest:

  1. Click on the PAY WITH CARD button in the sent invoice.
  2. In the popup select your Country, Document Type, and provide your Document ID. If you are not from the listed countries click I’M NOT FROM ANY OF THESE COUNTRIES.
  3. Click SAVE and then provide your card details and you are done!

Tokeet will automatically update your invoices to "Paid" if the guest payment was successful. 

You will also be able to see payment details at the bottom of the invoice. 

All payments will come directly to you and the money will show in your MercadoPago account instantly.

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