Connecting to is a major player in the travel industry, especially in the Asia-Pacific market. We have integrated Tokeet with and it opens up a massive new audience for your vacation rentals.

In this article, we'll walk you through the simple steps on how to link your Tokeet account with, making it easier than ever to manage your listings, streamline bookings, and increase your visibility on this powerful platform. 

Connecting your and Tokeet accounts is easy and effective. Once connected, Tokeet can automatically update your Trip availability, and import bookings from

Connecting to

  • Navigate to Channels"Add Channel". 

  • In the list of Channels, select and then click "Select".

  • Follow the steps in the connection wizard:
  • Click on the Continue button on the Getting Started page of the Connection Wizard.

  • Go through the Preparation Steps by clicking on Continue through these sections:

  • Create or Import Rentals - check the instructions for this step and click Continue once you have a rental in Tokeet to link to

  • Blocking Dates - click Continue on this step after viewing the details.

  • Preparing Rates - click Continue on this step after viewing the details.

  • Hit Continue to Request Channel Manage Access.

  • Click on the ADD PROPERTY ID button.

  • To find the Property ID, login to and go to the Property Settings. The Property ID will be available at the top.

  • Enter your Property ID and click SAVE.
  • Continue and click on the Finished button for the Account Connection Completion Step.

  • You will now receive a message that the channel connected successfully and your listings will be displayed in Tokeet.

You will now want to link your listings and Tokeet rentals.  If you've already created rentals, you can connect them with your listings or create new rentals in Tokeet by importing your Airbnb listings or manually creating the rentals in Tokeet.

See article here on creating or importing rentals in Tokeet.

NOTE: The Connection wizard will guide you through the steps one by one. This process is designed to help you make the connection manually. Closing the connection wizard without completing the steps will result in the need to follow the steps outlined below.
  • Scroll down to connections where Linked Rental is empty.
  • Click on three vertical dots and click on Connection Details.

  • Select the Tokeet rental to link this listing from the drop-down selector. Then hit Save.

  • Update your calendar from Tokeet, by selecting "Push Availability" from the Actions menu.

  • Push your rates from Tokeet to, by selecting "Push Rates" from the Actions menu.
  • You can confirm the pushed rates and blocked dates on your calendar after performing these steps.

Disconnect from API

  • Go to the Channels section in Tokeet
  • Next to a connection, click on three vertical dots and click on Channel Detail to go to the Channel Details page.

  • Click on the DISCONNECT button.

  • Select the Accommodation ID you want to disconnect and you are done.

Let us know if you have any further questions by reaching out to us at

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