What is a Base Rate?

In Tokeet, a Base Rate is required for each rental. This rate is used as a fallback when no other rates are available.  

The Base Rate is defined on the rental rate settings overlay which can be opened by clicking on the rental in the rates calendar.

The rental Base Rate is pushed to all API channels - except Airbnb. For Airbnb, in practice, the channel requires that you set standard rates and push those primarily.

Add a Base Rate

The base rate is a fallback rate, which is applied if there are no matching Standard or Promotional rates for the booking dates. To add a base rate to your rental please do the following:

  • Click on Rates to access your Rates Calendar
  • Click on the rental name which you would like to add a base rate to.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab of your Rental Rates overlay.
    Complete required info and hit Save on the top right.
  • Rate Name 
  • Minimum Stay:  minimum amount of days guests are allowed to book 
  • Maximum Stay: maximum amount of days that this rental can be booked
  • Nightly: nightly rate
  • Weekend Night:  Saturday rate and Sunday rate (optional).
  • Weekly: rate that is applied if guest stays Monday through Sunday (optional).
  • Monthly: rate that is applied when a guest stays for an entire month (optional).
  • Additional Guest Fee: charge x amount for per person per night, above y guests
  • Guest count: number of guests allowed for this rental before additional fees apply.
Note: Not every channel supports this structure. For example, if a channel does not support a weekend rate,  Tokeet will send the nightly rate.

After you define your base rate settings you will see this rate apply to channels when you have not created a Standard Rate to apply.


​The rental base rate found on the Rates Settings tab is not pushed to Airbnb, this must instead be updated in the Airbnb connection Price Settings.

Price Settings for Airbnb is found on the Connection Details page by going to Airbnb > Actions > Price Settings: 

Price settings are specific to Airbnb listings. Once connected through the API connection, you'll realize that there are settings that are disabled on the channel. Well, they have allowed you to set this through those settings. Prior to connecting, you would've been able to set the base rate. 

The base is intended to be used as a fall-through rate, meaning that if a rate does not exist the base is used.

Given that each OTA has different rules and regulations regarding the scope of the base rate we advise to set a standard rate for all dates to avoid any ambiguity that could lead to rate discrepancies. 

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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