What is a Standard Rate?

Tokeet offers two types of rates you may use to manage your rental pricing.

Standard Rates

The first, and most common type, is the Standard Rate. A standard rate is an ongoing rate that describes the price of your rental over a specific date range. It's essentially like the rates you use now on Flipkey and Homeaway. The purpose of the standard rate is to allow you to specify your rates into the future and not have to change them.

Dynamic Rates can be used in place of Standard Rates and are useful for automatic changes that occur based on the occupancy for your rentals. For more information on Dynamic Rates please see the following article: What is a Dynamic Rate?

  The process for creating Standard Rates is easy with Tokeet.

  • Navigate to Rates to open up your rates calendar.
  • Using the Edit button select either Add Standard or Add Dynamic rate.
This can also be done by simply dragging on specific dates on the calendar.
  • Complete required info:

To create a new rate category, simply type in the category field.
  • From Date
  • Until Date
  • Nightly : nightly rate
  • Weekly: rate that is applied if guest stays Monday through Sunday (optional).
  • Monthly: rate that is applied when a guest stays for an entire month (optional).
  • Minimum Stay:  minimum amount of days guests are allowed to book 
  • Maximum Stay: maximum amount of days that this rental can be booked
  • Maximum Guests
  • Additional Guest Fee: charge x amount for per person per night, above y guests
  • Day Specific Pricing: charge a different rate for certain days of the week.  Please see this Help Center article for more info. 

You can create overlapping Standard rates on the Tokeet calendar. Tokeet will automatically detect the overlaps and split the existing rates appropriately to accommodate the changes.

Note: Channel adjustments are only applied to the "default" rate category. Once channel adjustments are added to a rental, "default" rates take priority and will be sent to the channels during the rate push.

Base Rates

The second rate type to be aware of is the Base Rate. The base rate is set on your rental rate settings and will apply to all date ranges where there is not a Standard Rate already in place. It is recommended that you use Standard Rates for creating a rate plan due to the more advanced settings mentioned in the section above. For more information on how to set a Base Rate, please see the following article: What is a Base Rate?

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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