Automata Multi-Language Templates

Automata allows you to seamlessly add automatic translations to each template, and automatically respond to guests in their language.  Different language versions are all saved under the same template name;  the correct language version will be selected depending on the language of the last guest response.

It is easy to add template translations in Tokeet.

  • Navigate to Templates > New (more info here)
  • Start with Blank or Sample Template
  • Once the message body has been populated, click "Add Translation" at top right.
  • Scroll down, or use the search functionality, to select language
  • Your template is instantly translated to the selected language.
  • Click "Save"; you are asked to Save as new or Update. Please select one and then you will be returned to the parent template.
  • Your multi-language templates are displayed at top right
  • Click "Add Translation" to add more language versions.
  • Click "Save" within parent template, once you've finished adding template translations

That's it!  Automata will automatically detect and send the template in the appropriate language, based on the previous guest communication or response.

As always, please contact us with questions any time. We're happy to help.

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