Automata Templates

Message template work together with triggers in Automata to automate your messaging and streamline your workflow. 

Message Templates are utilized by Automata Triggers which can be event-based or time-based. Once you define a template and associate it with a trigger, you can send an email, send an SMS message, send a push notification, send a contract, send a form, create a task, or post to a URL.

The process for creating Message Templates is easy with Automata.  

  • Navigate to Templates

Here, you can use filters to sort and search among existing templates, as well as create and delete templates. Click on a template in the table to open the edit template overlay.

  • You can edit the columns in the table by clicking the custom column button in the column header.
  • Click "New" to build a new template. (Read more here)
  • Click “Delete” to remove a selected template.
  • You can change the sort order of the table by clicking on any of the column names.

You can edit templates  

  • Click the “Edit” button to edit or delete your template. (Read more here)
  • You can adjust how many templates are shown per page by changing the page settings at the foot of the table.

As always, please contact us with questions any time. We're happy to help.

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