Data Dictionary

A data dictionary is a set of tags that, when placed in a Message Template, will be replaced with internal Tokeet data. In other words they are placeholder strings that tells Tokeet to insert specific data in that location. 

To navigate to the data dictionary, click on the "book" icon on your template formatting ribbon inside a message template.All data dictionary tags have the format *|GUEST:PHONE|*  where GUEST is the data entity and PHONE is the entity attribute.

So for example, if you want to insert the guest phone number automatically into a template when you are about to send the template as a message you will add *|GUEST:PHONE|*  into the template in place of the phone number. The web app will replace that placeholder with the guest phone number whenever you load the template on the message screen.

Data dictionary items can only be placed in a template when the template is created in the Template settings section of the application. This is because the web app will read the template and replace all data dictionary placeholders when the user selects the template on the message screen.

The valid data dictionary placeholders are as follows:

GUEST*|GUEST:NAME|*  - insert the name of the guest*|GUEST:EMAIL|*  - insert the guest email address*|GUEST:PHONE|*  - insert the guest phone number*|GUEST:CITY|*  - insert the city where the guest is located*|GUEST:COUNTRY|*  - insert the country where the guest is located

INQUIRY*|INQUIRY:ARRIVE|*  - insert the date the guest arrives*|INQUIRY:DEPART|*  - insert the date the guest departs*|INQUIRY:COST|*  - insert the total due for the inquiry*|INQUIRY:NIGHTS|*  - insert the number of nights for the inquiry*|INQUIRY:ADULTS|*  - insert the number of adults on the inquiry*|INQUIRY:CHILDREN|*  - insert the number of children on the inquiry*|INQUIRY:BOOK_DATE|*  - insert the date the inquiry was made*|INQUIRY:GUEST_PORTAL|*  - insert the guest portal link

RENTAL*|RENTAL:NAME|*  - insert the name of the rental*|RENTAL:PHONE|*  - insert the phone number for the rental*|RENTAL:EMAIL|*  - insert the email address for the rental*|RENTAL:ADDRESS|*  - insert the street address of the rental*|RENTAL:CITY|*  - insert the city where the rental is located*|RENTAL:STATE|*  - insert the state/province where the rental is located*|RENTAL:COUNTRY|*  - insert the country where the rental is located*|RENTAL:DESCRIPTION|*  - insert the description of the rental*|RENTAL:TERMS|*  - insert the rental terms*|RENTAL:PAYMENT_INSTRUCTIONS|*  - insert the rental payment instructions*|RENTAL:WIFI|*  - insert the rental's Wi-Fi password*|RENTAL:KEYPICKUP|*  - insert key pickup information for the rental*|RENTAL:SECURITY|*  - insert the code for the rental's security system*|RENTAL:SPECIAL|*  - insert special information about the rental

CONTRACT*|CONTRACT:SIGNATURE|*  - insert the field for the guest signature*|CONTRACT:COUNTERSIGN|*  - insert the field for the countersignature*|CONTRACT:DATE|*  - insert the date of the contract

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