Setting Rates and Fees in Tokeet for Vrbo

Vrbo's API connection setup is unique to our other API channels, and the same can be said for the way that rates work. This article aims to provide you with the expectations for setting rates or fees for Vrbo.

Setting Rates

Unlike other channel APIs, currently, Vrbo pulls your rates from the Tokeet system so you don't have to perform the rate push yourself.

  • To set rates, go to  Rates > click on the rental that you want to edit.

  • Click 'rates table' to see any existing rates or click add rates to add a new standard rate. 

Only rates with the 'default' rate category will be pulled from Tokeet for your Vrbo listing.

To set rates that are exclusive to the Vrbo listings, you may use the channel adjustment option. See our channel adjustment article here to create your Vrbo channel adjusted rates.

Settings Fees

Unlike other channel APIs, you are required to set your Vrbo listings fees in Tokeet.

For a step-by-step guide, please use this article to set rental fees: How Do I Set Fees to my Rental?

Having a guest threshold for fees is valid when adding an additional guest fee only. Adding this for any other fee i.e cleaning fees; will result in a rate error for Vrbo. For this to be pulled by Vrbo successfully, remove the threshold count from all fees except the additional guest fee.

Important to note:

Booking fees set as a percentage must utilize the "per night" modality as all other modalities would be invalid and return an error when pushing rates.

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