On July 25th, 2022 Tokeet will be switching to a new pricing structure for all TV3 subscriptions. This new pricing structure will be per rental based and users will pay a specific price for each unique rental count. Below is a list of questions and answers related to this change. 

    1. Why are we doing this now?

      We want to continue to invest in our products and services at the rate we’ve done in the past. This requires us to also be priced competitively within the market. We are confident that our new prices are still the best in the industry.

    2. When will the new prices take effect? What date?
      New prices will take effect on July 25th 12PM EST time.  Anyone billed after that date will be at the new rate. Monthly subscriptions will be converted from the old to the new pricing automatically. Users who are interested in a yearly subscription should contact our support team.
    3. How does the new pricing work?
      We will switch to a per rental pricing method, i.e. a specific price for the exact rental count in each account. This will eliminate the problem of large price jumps between plans and allow accounts to scale more price effectively.Users will still receive discounted rates for larger rental counts.
    4.  What will the new price be (for any particular rental count)?
      You can view the new prices here.
    5. What must a user do to prepare for the change?
      Users do not have to do anything. Their subscription plans will change to the new pricing structure automatically. If you would like a yearly plan, and the discount that comes with it, please contact customer support.
    6. What products are affected by this change?
      Only TV3 (Tokeet Channel Manager) will be affected by this price change.
    7. Are there any plans to change the pricing of other products?
      We currently do not have plans to change any other product prices. However, we will review all product prices later this year.
    8. What happens to people with current annual subscriptions?
      All current 1 and 2 year contracts will be honored through their contract end date. Users may choose to switch to the new yearly or monthly plans once their contracts expire.
    9. Are there any product feature restrictions by pricing level.
      All features will now be available for all users at all pricing levels.
    10. Is there a new annual plan offered?
      New annual plan subscribers can receive a 20% discount upon signing a yearly contract. Please contact support@tokeet.com or message support from within the app for details.
    11. I’m not happy about this change, what can I do?

      Customers with more than 10 rentals who wish to discuss the new pricing can schedule a 15 minute conversation with the Customer Success team using one of the following links: