We’re pleased to introduce our integration with Cleanster.com!

Who is Cleanster.com?

Cleanster.com is a leading cleaning platform connecting professional cleaners to short-term rental hosts. We offer peace of mind by automating your cleaner scheduling. You can bring your own cleaners or use Cleanster.com’s marketplace cleaners on-demand. Put your turnover cleaning on auto-pilot with Cleanster.com.

What does Cleanster.com offer?

The features available are:

  • Connect directly to Tokeet and automate your cleaning instantly. Our system updates cleaning based on your reservations in real time.
  • Upload up to 100 before and after photos or videos instantly.
  • Auto-translate your conversation, checklist and property information into any language.
  • Your cleaners get paid on time within 24hrs of completing the job.
  • Our “Pay Later” feature allows you to pay your bills weekly.
  • Your cleaners can’t upload photos/videos that are 12hrs old, giving you the assurance the images are legitimate.
  • Track your cleaners by location with precise ETA’s.

Why people choose Cleanster.com?

  • Automate your cleaning operations to save time, maximize revenue, and increase bookings – all with Cleanster
  • Trusted by cleaners in North America with over 75,000+ professional cleaners
  • Trusted by 15,000+ hosts and the world’s top property managers
  • Reliable and responsible cleaning services platform


How do I integrate with Cleanster.com?

To connect your Tokeet account to Cleanster.com, simply follow the steps in this set up guide.

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