We’re pleased to introduce our new integration with Minut!

What is Minut?

Minut is the co-host that cares for your home, guests and community.

The Minut sensor monitors noise, occupancy, motion and temperature in rental properties, helping hosts prevent parties, enhance guest experience and protect their homes, without sacrificing guest privacy.

With powerful automations and integrations, Minut empowers property managers to grow their businesses while keeping operations lean.

What does Minut offer?

Features and Benefits of this integration are:

  • Noise and occupancy monitoring
  • Temperature tracking
  • Scheduled messages to guests
  • Motion detection and security alarm
  • Minut Response Service
  • 100% privacy safe

How Does it Work?

The integration with Tokeet allows Minut to receive reservation and guest information from your booking calendar. Once the Minut sensor detects noise in your property, this integration will automatically send a text message to the guest currently staying there (if any), letting them know to keep it down.

How do I integrate with Minut?

To connect your Tokeet account to Minut, simply follow the steps in this set up guide. Once complete, your Tokeet property data will be synced, and you’ll need to link your Tokeet listings with the correct home in the Minut app.