We’ve partnered with Wheelhouse!

What is Wheelhouse?

Wheelhouse helps Short Term Rental managers, hosts and property managers maximize revenue and increase occupancy via a one of a kind, highly-customizable, Demand-Based Revenue Management software, all while saving users time.

What does Wheelhouse offer?

  • Wheelhouse’s best-in-class Dynamic Pricing Tool for the short-term rental industry is backed by a unique Reactive Demand Model that responds to real-time bookings in your market and is fueled by KeyData, the largest provider of proprietary data in the STR industry. 
  • Highly regarded 24/7 Customer Success team – Talk to a real person, at any hour 
  • Game-changing Business Intelligence tools designed to take the guess-work out of Revenue Management 
    • Market Reports & CompSet – Broader market and direct competitor data tools to power your best pricing strategy
    • Portfolio View – Easily adjust pricing and settings across any number of listings, in just a few clicks.
    • Export Everything – It’s your data, use it however you’d like.
    • Min Stays & Min Price – Highly customizable settings to incorporate any strategy
    • Change Log – an easy way to track customizations
    • Save Views and Filters – save your ideal portfolio setup, for faster navigation
    • Robust APIs – Ask us about building to Wheelhouse
    • Hypothetical listings – Easily evaluate a property before you buy
    • Insights Tab – See how our pricing engine is working to price your listing, everyday.
    • Booking & Pacing – The easiest way to see your portfolio’s booking performance

How do I integrate with Wheelhouse?

To connect your Tokeet account, you first need to create a Wheelhouse account then follow the steps in this set up guide. Once complete, your Wheelhouse rates will be imported for your Tokeet rentals, allowing you to push them to your channels.