As you might have noticed we’ve been very busy here at Tokeet. In 2019 we completed some of the most ambitious projects in our history and successfully launched Rategenie, Tokeet v3, Owner Center, and Margins. We spent a lot of time speaking with and listening to you, our customers, taking your feedback and direction to heart, and produced solutions to help you grow your business. We are pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have received for each of these products and thank you for being a part of the process.

In 2020 we have a lot of new and exciting features and products to be released. Soon we will be launching our Automated Invoicing update to TV3. This added feature will significantly decrease your workload surrounding billing and revenue management. Other expansive updates to invoicing are also planned for later this year, including new payment gateways. We have created an entire team dedicated to improving our invoicing capabilities and have been working tirelessly to this end. 

We are also in the final stages of developing a new channel manager for owners with 1-3 rentals. This new channel manager is specifically designed with these users in mind and priced at $2.99/rental to match. It will be fully integrated with the entire Tokeet suite and current users will be allowed to switch to this new system and keep their existing data. We recognize that smaller providers have been the lifeblood of our business and want to ensure they are not left behind as we evolve the Tokeet platform.

Finally, we are actively developing a solution for staff and service provider management, a standalone website creator, and a standalone solution for messaging designed for your staff who are solely focused on guest communications. Some of these solutions will be free add-ons to the Tokeet suite while others may incur an additional charge. Our goal for 2020 is to complete the circle of best-in-class solutions for all aspects of short-term property management.  

After many weeks of consideration, we think the time is now right to update our prices to be in line with our current products and services. It’s been about 3 years since we last changed Tokeet’s prices and a lot has changed since then. So on March 1st, 2020 we will be transitioning to a new pricing structure for Tokeet (TV3). In short, our prices will be increasing by about 30% on average for your Tokeet subscription. However, you can keep your current plan and get a 10% discount as well. Read more about it here

If you have questions about our upcoming products or pricing changes please contact our support team. Thank you for being a loyal Tokeet user.

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