Owning a beach house is a dream come true for many people. And, if you are planning on renting your property, then you can look at a pretty decent profit. But, here’s a common mistake beach houses owners make. They think that the vicinity to the beach alone is enough to get them the best guests or allow them to set a higher price.

The décor you choose will have a lot to say in how easily you will be able to book your house. Pick each item carefully if you want to set your place apart from the other properties in the area.

Here are some tips on how to decorate your vacation rental beach house and make your guests’ stay memorable.

White Works Everywhere

White is a great neutral color to choose for your interior decoration. It makes the place light up and turns it into a relaxing, flowy, airy oasis for resting your body and mind. And, luckily, it makes decorating a little easier, since you can complement it with bright colored accents or pair it with another color to create a theme.

You can go with white when renovating the house, and choose white hardwood floors, white walls or white wood elements. Also, think white when buying the furniture and the textiles for the interior too.

Use Local Materials

One of the best ways of meeting your guests’ expectations is to make sustainable choices regarding your decor. It’s always a good idea to use local materials and decoration for your vacation rental.

If your beach house is in an area that’s popular for water sports, you can use surfboards or kites as your decor. Use local fresh fruit for the dining table and local plants for the garden. Choose materials like driftwood, sand, terracotta, bamboo for your beach house, as they are light, suitable and will help the house become a natural extension of the destination itself.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Most beach houses are all about lounging in the salty breeze, enjoying the sun and the song of the seagulls. If your beach house does not have an inviting outdoor area, your guests won’t want to spend time there and will feel less connected to the house.

Keep the porch band and the garden as carefully furnished and decorated as any other room of the house. Make your guests lounge on the terrace for a bit before heading toward the beach. It will make your home a significant part of their overall experience.

Keep It Simple

It might be tempting to fill up the place with countless objects, thinking that the guests might find a use for everything and it’s best to have it, “just in case”. But, as necessary as it is to add the right objects to the design, it is just as crucial not to overcrowd your house.

Keeping it simple is the way to go – it looks and feels much more comfortable and welcoming than a space crammed with objects.

Offset White with Vibrant Artwork & Colors

If you want to make your vacation rental beach house a place to be remembered, then you should invest in interesting artwork that pops up and gives the space an exciting personality.

Play with colors and don’t be afraid to include bright accents here in there, while keeping the overall balance. If you have a neutral base, like the use of white we have mentioned before, color accents will be easy to add, and they will immediately bring the whole place together.

Whether your beach house is a homey, surf-vibe bungalow or a high-end, modern retreat, it should always have a relaxed, airy feel to it. Guests will want to enjoy beach life and stay in a place where they can extend that feeling.

When it comes to decorating a rental house, the best advice is to put yourself in your guests’ shoes and think of what you would like to find in the house you rented. A good relationship between functionality and art will definitely convince your guests to recommend the experience. For more decoration ideas, take a look at this interior decoration tips article!

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