Choosing the perfect interior decoration is a common conundrum for first-time vacation rental owners. The difficulty, however, doesn’t lie in a lack of options – there are almost endless possibilities. A failure to find a cohesive style to form a plan around and execute with confidence is the real issue.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of though – interior design isn’t as easy as it sounds (at least, good interior design). You have to consider the space, utilize and build around whatever you have available to you, source suppliers and meet budgets. But most importantly, you need to know what you want. Take a look below for a few popular vacation rental decoration styles for a little inspiration:


Perfectly fit for big city life and skyscraper view, modern style is preferred by business travelers or solo guests. It uses a lot of neutral tones, crisp, simple lines, and materials like metal and glass.

Choosing the modern style has its advantages, as it does not necessarily need a lot of scouting for unique pieces. It is also easier to put together than other major interior design styles. If you follow a few basic rules and invest in quality furniture and finishes, the result will be par excellence.

Mid-Century Modern

One of the biggest interior design styles of the last century is MCM. Its influence over the decades is huge, which is why we continue to see this style make comebacks and be reinterpreted in contemporary design.

MCM is defined by simple, sleek lines, organic shapes that appear to be floating on tapered, small legs, and color schemes that include the quirky seafoam green, orange or mustard yellow.


As this style is given in a big proportion by the core structure of the building, it is wise to choose it for atypical spaces that you repurpose, such as old factories, warehouses, studios etc. Even if your rental is not situated in a former industrial site, you can evoke the industrial style through some characteristic elements.

Bare brick walls or exposed areas of the brick wall, natural or distressed wood, chipped paint and metal fixtures will all give your rental a strong, raw, industrial vibe.


Very sought out by young audiences and fit for historical parts of cities, but also remote areas like the mountainside or a hippie beach area, the bohemian style leaves a lot of room for your imagination and creativity. Eclectic mixes of prints, bright colors and artisanal objects are allowed to overwhelm the space, living together in a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Add a lot of plants, local artwork, and natural materials to the mix, and don’t be afraid to use layers. Another important advice if you choose to go with the bohemian style is that flea markets are your playground.


Very popular in the mountainside or rural areas, the rustic style implies the use of raw, natural materials and a simple approach to function. Decorating a home in a rustic style needs to consider function over appearance and always take nature as inspiration. Exposed structure beams, hardwood floors, river stone, and clay are amazing in a rustic home.


If you own beach property, you can’t really go wrong with the coastal style, also known as the Hamptons style. Think white wooden furniture, crisp white walls with deep blue or teal green accents, sea-inspired accessories, and decorations. Space needs to be flooded with natural light and free from clutter. Connecting the indoors to the outside is also meant to be smooth, through terraces, balconies, and porches that can become an extension of a room.

These are some of the most popular vacation rental decoration styles right now. Ultimately, the style needs to fit the property, the area, and the guests. Take a look at the Best Furniture Sites article for more interior design help!

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