We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our revolutionary reporting tool – Power Reporting! 📊

Power Reporting is your new partner in driving informed decisions, enhancing efficiency, and gaining valuable insights into your vacation rental business.

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering a Free 14-day trial period of Power Reporting so you can experience its benefits firsthand.

Here’s a look into what this groundbreaking tool has to offer:

  • Streamlined Reporting & KPI Analytics
  • Comparative Insights
  • Automated Accounting
  • Full Customization
  • Scheduled Statements
  • Effortless Invoicing

After the trial period, access to Power Reporting is available for just $2 per rental. You can easily get started through the App Store.

Your journey to data-driven success begins today. Embrace the power of Power Reporting and unlock a new era of efficiency and insights. Get started now!

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