We’re pleased to introduce our latest partnership with Doinn!

What is Doinn?

Doinn is a technology bridge between property rental managers and quality local service providers that gets your properties ready for the next guests without all the work. Easily provide a five star experience for your guests with Certified cleans, Laundry, Linen and Towel Rental and Concierge Services.

What are the key features?

🟢 Cleaners you can trust with 0% no-shows.

🟢 Quality services: Cleaning, Laundry, and Linen Rentals.

🟢 All services are available a click away.

🟢 Connect your Tokeet account to our platform and generate automatic turnovers for your rental!

How Does it Work?

Doinn’s technology helps to optimize processes, reports and tasks to Property managers and Cleaning companies so they can be more competitive, reduce management costs and manage more clients.

But Doinn is not just technology, there’s a dedicated team supervising that cleaning companies are beyond expectations, motivating them to keep their good work and making the industry give them the attention and respect they deserve.

That human touch on top of the technology (not just software or bots) is what allows Doinn to raise the hospitality standards.

Property managers don’t need to have an in-house operations manager anymore because Doinn’s team and tech cover that part.

How do I integrate with Doinn?

Connecting your Tokeet account to Doinn is easy, just follow the steps in this set up guide