We’ve integrated with HKeeper!

What is HKeeper?

HKeeper is software that streamlines the management of hotels and vacation rental companies by automating the assignment of tasks related to guest requests, cleaning and service departments, such as Housekeeping and Maintenance. 

HKeeper increases revenue, while simultaneously decreasing operating expenses and sustaining a high quality of your services.  


What does HKeeper offer?

Key benefits of this integration are:

  • Fully automates tasks assignment for entire booking period 
  • Do more with less: be more efficient by turning Room Attendants into Supervisors
  • Provide safe centralized communication channel between all departments
  • Get access to track and measure tasks performance
  • Get reports on the go in a real-time mode
  • Go digital! Go Green! Forget about paper and ink wastage!
  • Provide contactless services with an option to convert each guest request into a task automatically


Our main products are:   

HKeeper prides itself on giving your Front office, Housekeeping and Maintenance departments the right tool – to manage guest requests, cleaning and maintenance tasks and communication with the entire team, – so you’ll be able to see guest satisfaction levels and the status of every task assigned to employees.


Please have a look at our main products you’ll get as soon as you get HKeeper: 

Virtual Concierge – contactless services, guest request automatic conversion into a task, multilingual chat, direct bookings, destination marketplace.

Housekeeping – task auto-assignment for entire booking period, task & inspection checklists, monitor and manage task workflow transparently 24/7 in real-time with individual performance metrics, task auto-assign for recurring projects, e.i., deep cleaning.

Maintenance – staff and guests can initiate a maintenance request via mobile app, which is instantly turned into a task, track and manage workflow at a single dashboard in real-time, set up highlights to alert you about recurring issues, saving you time and supplies.

ToDo – auto-assignment for all non-housekeeping & maintenance tasks, inspect and evaluate finished tasks, add new tasks and remarks, send messages, track all physical goods used and/or discarded in the hotel.

Planner – schedule daily, weekly, and monthly recurring tasks, manage FF&E, get access to real-time reports to analyze workflow performance including human resources, inventory resources, and task performance in real-time. 

Checklist & Certificate – provide detailed instruction for each task according to your SOP’s, exclude human errors/mistakes out of employee task performance, self inspection for any type of tasks, ensure guests that the hotel they stay in is following the global hospitality cleanliness standards, norms and behaviors that are designed to minimize risk and enhance safety for them and hotel’s associates alike.

Internal Communication – get safe and centralized communication channel across-departments, get access to private chats for executive level, attach photos/videos, add remarks to show what has to be done.

Employee Management – digitally manage staff schedules according to demand instead of demanding the schedule from your managers, go through each team member profile to plan tasks and projects ahead with ease, collect all data and send it directly to your payroll providing service company.

Why does it work?

Schedule a quick introductory call, the HKeeper team will learn more about your hotel operations and your current needs. And give you a glimpse at our award-winning platform.


How do I integrate with HKeeper and what is the cost?

To connect your Tokeet account to HKeeper, simply follow the steps in this set up guide

The price is based on a monthly fee and is calculated at $5.00 per room per month (for properties with over 60 rooms). If you have less than 60 rooms, then you will pay a minimum monthly subscription fee of $300. 

FYI: We do not charge for onboarding, setup and integration.

HKeeper is an investment that pays off in no time, as it cuts your operational costs by up to 30% from day one and you can watch it happen! Don’t take our word for it, check HKeeper Calculator to check your annual ROI for your Hotel.


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