We’re pleased to introduce our integration with Alertify!

Who is Alertify?

Elevate Hospitality Management with Alertify: Smart Room Monitoring Solutions for Proactive Noise Control, Air Quality, and Guest Well-being in Short-Term Rentals and Hotels.

What does Alertify offer?

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts of noise decibel levels, indoor smoking, and occupancy levels when violations occur.
  • After incident reports, which provide key information and proof of violations that take place to settle disputes.
  • GuestAlert, which allows Alertify to message guests directly when violations are detected when integrated with Property Management Systems.
  • Backup battery, that keeps Alertify connected to Wi-Fi in the event a guest unplugs the device.
  • Know which guests were in the unit when the violation occurred as soon as a violation occurs.

Why people choose Alertify?

  • Proactive and hands-off monitoring of noise decibel levels, indoor smoking, and occupancy levels
  • Instant alerts when violations are detected
  • 100% privacy complaint property monitoring
  • Documented proof of guest violations that can settle Airbnb, VRBO, and credit card disputes
  • Variety of integrations to choose from to elevate the monitoring experience
  • Complete customization of the violation thresholds and how users receive notifications

How do I integrate with Alertify?

To connect your Tokeet account to Alertify, simply follow the steps in this set up guide.

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