Hi Seamus. Is there a step by step process for starting with Tokeet? I would like to start with calendar syncing and setting prices in one place then pushing the to all channels. Where do I start first? Do you first add channels, rentals, rates, etc. I was hoping to see a tutorial for first timers. Yes. You will want to start by connecting Airbnb first, if you already have listings there. This greatly streamlines the setup process by allowing you to import your rentals directly from Airbnb. After that, you can continue connecting your other channels/OTAs. You can find all the steps for connecting to those channels in our Help Center. If you would like a guided setup, you can schedule an onboarding call with our Tokeet Success team. The onboarding call will allow you to ask any pending questions that you might still have, and we can provide you with a demonstration of the product as well. For more demos, you can also book a class in our Tokeet Academy. Please let us know if you have any further questions. We're happy to help.