Automata Setup Checklist

Welcome to Automata! Automata allows you to take time consuming, repetitive tasks and automate them so you'll never have to do them by hand again.

Here are a few key areas to check when setting up Automata:

☐ Create Workflows 

How do I do it? 
  • Workflows are created at at Workflows > New. (help center)
  • Workflows can be created from a sample (pre-built) workflow, or from a blank workflow.
How is it used? 
  • A workflow allows you to organize triggers in a pre-defined sequence. You can create, view, and edit each individual trigger in order to customize your messaging for each rental and its connected channels.

☐ Create Triggers 

How do I do it? 
  • Triggers are created at Triggers > New.  Over 25 trigger events are available! (help center)
  • Triggers can be created from sample (pre-built), or from blank triggers.
  • Add an optional time delay to triggered messages, to mimic a human response
  • Create trigger conditions for Booking Confirmation and Invoice triggers, for additional filtering and control.  Over 20 trigger conditions are available! (help center)

☐ Create Templates 

How do I do it? 
  • Templates are created on the "Templates" tab of a Trigger.
  • Templates can also be created at Templates > New. (help center)
  • Templates can be created from sample (pre-built), or from blank templates.
  • Insert data dictionary variables into the template.  Over 50 tokens are available in Automata, including many new variables at the Guest level.  (help center)
  • Create custom codes and insert them into your message template.  (help center)
  • Create translations, and automatically respond to guests in their native language. (help center)

☐ Customize for Specific Bookings   

How do I do it? 
  • Navigate to Bookings and click on any specific inquiry or booking.  Here, you can  disable triggers for this booking--or for a specific workflow step. (help center
How is it used? 
  • Automata gives you more flexibility to prevent triggers from firing for specific bookings; for example, preventing a request for review from going out to a problem guest.

☐ Use Automata Integrations   

How do I do it? 
  • Integrations are located at Settings > Integrations. 
  • Automata features both native (Webhooks, Email, SMS, Signature, Tokeet) integrations as well as third party integrations such as Zapier, IFTTT, and others.
How is it used? 
  • Integrations allow you to connect Automata and native and external apps together in a nearly incalculable number of combinations, in order to completely streamline you workflow,

There are many other options, tweaks, and configurations available to you in Automata. For now, these are the most important.  

Please contact us with questions any time!  We are happy to help.

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