Pushing rates to Booking.com

When pushing rates from Tokeet to Booking.com there are a number of things that you should keep in mind.

For example, Booking.com does not allow channel managers to update the currency of a property or change the occupancy-based pricing.

This is described described in detail below.

Best Practices

Rate Category

  • You must select which Rate Category you want to push to Booking.com. 
  • We recommend simply creating a different rate category per every connected channel.  
  • Tokeet will use all rates that belong to this rate category when updating rates on Booking.com. 
  • Please see this Help Center article for more info about Rate Categories.

Additional Guest Fee

  • Booking.com has specific rules around occupancy-based pricing, or what we call Additional Guest Fee in Tokeet.
  • Occupancy-based pricing is the amount charged per guest over a specific number of guests.
  • By default, Booking.com will use your Tokeet additional guest fee to compute maximum occupancy pricing;  they will discount this rate when fewer guests are in the booking.  This can result in rate discrepancies between Tokeet and Booking.com.
  • To adjust this setting, you will want to email Booking.com via your Extranet inbox and request that your occupancy-based pricing matches your settings in Tokeet
  • In Extranet Inbox, select "Booking.com Messages", choose "See Contact Options" and select "Rates & Availability" as the topic.
  • Select "Create/adjust rates and prices" then "See all contact options" and choose to send a message or call.
  • Here's a sample message you may want to send Booking.com to request occupancy-based pricing:
Note: some Booking.com accounts are set up to receive the low occupancy rate from their channel manager. In these cases simply remove the Additional Guest Fee from Tokeet. This can be done by selecting the 'Ignore for Booking.com' checkbox in the Settings tab for that rental's Rates. If you push your rates to Booking.com and they are much higher than expected, this is probably the case.

Rental Currency

  • You Tokeet Rental Currency is not used by Booking.com. You must request a change in your rental currency by sending an email via the Booking.com Extranet. This applies to all channel managers connected to Booking.com.

Pushing Rates

if you have mapped Rental Rate Categories to specific channel rate categories, you can push rates by navigating to Rates > Selecting the rental then going to the Rate Mappings tab and clicking "Push All Rates".

  • Alternatively, you can push rates within each Channel Connection:
  • Navigate to your Channels Connections list by clicking "Channels" in Tokeet
  • Find the connection you want to check and click the edit (three dots) icon to the right of it
  • Select "Connection Detail" 
  • Select Actions > Push Rates
  • You will be asked what Rate Category you want to push to your Booking.com rate category
  • Click "Push" to publish rates. That's it!

As always, please contact us with questions at any time.  We're happy to help.

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