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One of the more common scenarios for seeing a mismatch between the rates you push from Tokeet and what appears on the Rates Calendar on, is covered below. Please note that Tokeet has no ability to update the values stored in for maximum guests, additional guest fee, and guest count (when to start charging the additional guest fee). The channel API for does not provide any options to manipulate these values from any connected channel manager. However, before contacting for assistance we recommend taking time to review the troubleshooting steps below.

Step 1: Pushing and reviewing rates on the rates calendar

Have you pushed rates to yet? In order to do so, you will have to have a Base Rate and a Standard or Group Rate created and a rate mapping which tells Tokeet which rate category to push to Please refer to the following article if you have not yet pushed rates to Pushing rates to

If you have already done so you can check the rates on by logging into and navigating to your rates calendar.

You may need to adjust the date range on the calendar to get a larger set of dates to be visible.

Expand your Standard Rate so that the prices being pushed from Tokeet are visible

Step 2: Compare the rates pushing from Tokeet to

To compare rates between and Tokeet rate pushes start off by selecting a few days that are easily visible on your rate calendar and compare them to Tokeet by opening the Rental Rates overlay.

Click on Rates > Click on the rental name on the Rates Multi-calendar > Navigate to Rates Table and identify the rate being pushed for the time period you have selected to compare.

In the example below we will be using the July Rate to compare to the rates calendar.

As you can see, our rate on for 1 guest is significantly lower than what we are pushing from Tokeet.

Step 3: Identify what occupancy level receives the Tokeet Price

In the example above, the July Rate of 1350 is being pushed to the 5 person occupancy level. This means that is subtracting the 50 USD guest fee from that amount until the prices are far too low when we arrive to an occupancy of 1 person.

Please note that the interval between the occupancy levels is set on only. Changing this value in Tokeet only results in a higher price being pushed to the highest occupancy level. To adjust your additional guest fee on please refer to the following article. Changing the additional guest fee on

To resolve this, please make sure to add an additional guest fee of 50.00 to the July Rate, hit Save, then navigate to the Rate Mappings tab and Push Rates.

After making this change you will note that a higher price has been pushed to the 5 occupancy level and the guest fee subtracts appropriately so that we arrive at the correct price for 1 person.

Step 4: Checking for additional guest fee discrepancies.

If there is still a discrepancy between what you are pushing from Tokeet and what is visible on the Rates Calendar you may have an additional guest fee that is configured differently from what you have set in Tokeet.To make an adjustment to your guest fee on personally you will have to first disconnect from Tokeet. Please see the following article for complete instructions on disconnecting and changing the additional guest fee to match. Changing the additional guest fee on

Step 5: Checking for maximum occupancy discrepancies.

The last thing to consider is whether the max occupancy level is set appropriately. This value also cannot be altered via pushing rates via the channel API and must be altered on after disconnecting the channel manager. Please see the following article for complete instructions on how to change the max guests on the Room Details. Changing the max guest value on In the example screenshot below, the maximum guests is set as 4 persons and cannot be altered except by changing on the room details section in the admin portal.

Step 6: How to contact support for further assistance.

After making the appropriate changes mentioned above, you should be able to confirm that the rates pushed from Tokeet translate into the correct prices per occupancy level on the rates calendar. If you are still unable to get the rates to match please reach out via live chat support and make sure to present a screenshot of the rates calendar with the Standard Rate expanded. Making sure that the Room ID is visible in your screenshot will help us confirm exactly which rental you are working with. Please note that it is not possible for us to troubleshoot your issue without this screenshot expanded to show the details under Standard Rate.

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