Reviews Dashboard

The Reviews Dashboard gives you an overview of the reviews that were received for your listings on the channels. Currently, we only support Airbnb reviews.

The Dashboard can be found in the left navigation bar:

  • At the top of the Reviews Dashboard, a Count of all Reviews made by guests are shown. Users can filter it based on the Channel on which Review is made. Currently we support only Airbnb.
  • In the Recent Reviews section, you will find all reviews made by guests along with their ratings. Latest Reviews are displayed first. You can also see the replies made to a review in that section as well.
  • You can filter reviews by the listing.

The same reviews can be seen in Inquires Reviews tab.

If you have not yet replied to a review, you will see the option to add a reply on dashboard as well.

  • In the Distribution section, you can see the median of all ratings made by guests against each category.

The pie chart shows the overall rating. Other categories are Accuracy, Checkin, Cleanliness, Value, Communication & Location.

  • Reviews Breakdown: This section shows the number of reviews made in each month for the selected dates, in the form of a bar chart. The darkest color shows the lowest ratings and the lightest color shows highest ratings.
    Hovering over on specific section of bar indicates how many users have given this rating during that month.
  • Replies Breakdown: This section shows the number/percentage of unreplied reviews in the form of a pie chart. The Yellow section shows the percentage of replied ones, and blue part shows the reviews that have not been replied to yet.
Hovering over any color will show number of replied or unreplied reviews in the form of a tooltip.

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