If you want to generate passive income, then renting your property, whether short or long term is an excellent idea. But, if you want to maximize your profit, you should consider sprucing the place up a bit.

It’s not enough to offer basic necessities and vacation rental decoration. In this day and age, these are mandatory. What sets apart the cheap apartments from the ones that are, for lack of a better word, luxurious, lies in how you decorate them.

And redecorating your rental property can really pay off. Not only that it will allow you to raise the price per night, but also attract better guests, which is really what every property owner wants. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Here are some great vacation rental decoration solutions for a tight budget.

Step 1 – Declutter

You want to offer your guests lots of perks to get them to book your property, but be careful not to overdo it. Apartments with minimal decorations and just a few pieces of furniture make a better impact than those with a lot of stuff crammed in every corner.

The fewer things you have lying around the house, the more natural light can get in. That will make the place look downright cozy from the second you step in. And you don’t have to spend anything to do it. On the contrary, you could be making a few extra bucks by selling the extra stuff you don’t need.

Step 2 – Add Some Green

Potted plants have a way of making almost any room seem homey. Not to mention, they purify the air and can benefit your health.

You can add a big plant in the main room, and spread some small pots throughout the property. It’s a small change, but the impact is quite dramatic.

Step 3 – Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Here’s a simple solution that can have a great positive effect on your property. Repainting the walls can make everything seem freshly renovated. And, if you add a dash of color here and there, you can completely change the entire appearance of the house or apartment.

You can either paint it yourself or hire a team of professionals, depending on your budget. Just remember to cover the furniture before you start.

Step 4 – Hang Some Art

If you want to add a bit of character to your vacation rental, then hanging some paintings or photos on the wall can do the trick. You can find cheap posters (that look great) in markets, or just order them online, whatever you’re more comfortable with.

This solution allows for lots of creativity. You can go for a minimalistic design, or hang some 1950s starlet posters, but just remember to keep to the overall vibe of the room. Otherwise, the art will seem out of place.

Step 5 – Replace Cupboards with Shelves

Cupboards take up a lot of space, so a nice trick to gain a few extra free inches is to get rid of some of them. Obviously, they have their role, so don’t leave the entire house cupboard-less just to acquire a minimal design.

Instead, remove the cupboards that can easily be replaced with a few shelves on the wall. Play around with the design for some extra touches of class, such as placing the shelves asymmetrically for a more significant visual impact.

Step 6 – Add a Rug (it really ties the room together)

If you look at a room and feel like something is missing, consider adding a rug. It can really tie the room together, and you have loads of different designs to choose from.

You can purchase something colorful or playful and place it in a monochromatic room if you want to add an extra layer to it. Look for bargains online (which will often deliver the rug right at the doorstep) or check out your local stores for affordable purchases.

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