If your vacation rental regularly hosts families with children, then you have some preparing to do. A lot of owners think that surprising the visiting child with some sweets or a toy is enough to close this case, but it’s really not.

You don’t have to shower the children with treats necessarily, but you do have to take some extra precautions to make sure the vacation rental decoration is safe for them.

1. Child Proofing the Rental

This process will help prevent injuries. If you have a family coming with a baby or a small child, then you should remove breakable items, install cabinet locks, put in plug protectors, and add whatever else can make their stay safe.

Just think about what areas of your vacation rental can be a danger zone for children, and try to make it secure. For instance, if your property also has a pool, you can add a fence around the pool to prevent the child from falling into the water.

2. Clean Everything

Children are a lot more susceptible when it comes to bacteria and germs. Even though you regularly clean the rental before new guests arrive, when children are involved you should go the extra mile.

Pay extra attention to the areas where the child will get in direct contact, like the floors, and have them sanitized. Areas prone to bacteria like the kitchen or the bathroom also need a bit of extra scrubbing as well.

3. Talk Openly to the Parents

Every child is different, and you can’t just dream up what each of them needs while staying at your place. Instead, don’t be afraid to ask the parents directly. You can offer them a list of your baby proofing practices, and see if they require anything else for their child.

Plus, if the child has any special needs, they might need extra amenities, such as wheelchair accommodation, or even particular types of linen for any allergies.

That way, you can ensure the child’s safety, and the parents will also greatly appreciate your concern, perhaps even through a positive review.

4. Do You Want to Give the Child Something? Ask the Parents If It’s Ok

You may want to leave the child something special at the vacation rental for their arrival. While the gesture is very nice, be sure to ask the parents for permission beforehand, no matter what you intend to give them.

For instance, if you want to prepare some snacks for the family and the child, ask about any allergies before to avoid any unpleasant situations. The same goes for toys. Ask how old the child is and if it would be appropriate to give them a particular toy. Parents will appreciate asking for permission more than just surprise everyone with something they aren’t sure is safe for the child.

5. Make the Entertainment Child-Friendly

If you have TVs or computer in your vacation rental, you should also consider some content blocking apps to ensure the child isn’t exposed to something they shouldn’t be watching. These programs usually block certain channels or websites, and can only be accessed through a password. Give the code to the parents if they want it.

You may think this is taking it a step too far, but think of how early kids these days are using smartphones and tablets almost as well as adults. Do you really think they won’t figure out how to use the remote themselves while the parents are taking a nap?

Even if you don’t have a lot of families usually stopping by your rental, you should still be prepared. It’s up to you to ensure the safety of all your guests, and it’s possible for some parents not to specifically ask about how child-friendly your place is.

Most of these precautions don’t even require a lot of effort, but they do require you to openly communicate with your guests and ask about their needs, which is something you should do regardless if there’s a child involved or not.

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