So, you want new furniture to take your vacation rental decoration to a new level. But where do you start?

Well, these days you can start online, as there are loads of amazing websites out there with selections for any budget. Not to mention, you can even get extra perks like free shipping or getting the new furniture right at your doorstep.

Are you intrigued? Well, keep reading for the 5 best furniture websites you can browse and redesign your vacation rental!

1. APT2B

APT2B is a great place to start your furniture shopping. They have loads of stylish pieces in a variety of styles. So, whether you’re into minimalistic design or want to add a dash of vintage to the vacation rental, this website has what you’re looking for and them some more.

They offer free shipping everywhere in the U.S. While they don’t handle international shipping, their team can take the time to get you in contact with a third party that might help you with that. As for returns, you can refuse to accept the shipment if something doesn’t seem right (like if it’s been damaged in transit), or have 100 full days until you can make a full return and get your money back.

2. Blu Dot

With Blu Dot, you get designer-made furniture at a bargain. Everything you see on their website is made completely in-house, from the initial sketches to actually building the furniture you’ll want to purchase.

They ship in the U.S. and Canada with a 7% shipping rate from the total order. So, if you buy something for $100, the shipping will be $7. They can also arrange for international shipping, but before you make a purchase you should discuss the logistics with them first.

3. Wayfair

There’s really nothing you can’t find on Wayfair. Think of very specific vacation rental stuff, and Wayfair probably has it. Its catalog is the envy of all furniture stores – they even have selections for pets. And their rates are so good, you’ll probably end up buying something extra for your home as well.

They offer free shipping for orders over $49 (or for those items tagged with free shipping) anywhere in the U.S., though they also have international websites for Canada, the U.K., and Germany. You can return most of the stuff within 30 days and choose something else or opt for store credit (though mattresses have a 100-day limit).

4. West Elm

Another place with quite a generous inventory is none other than West Elm. It is the perfect place for modern pieces that can turn any pad into a very stylish (and luxurious, even) vacation destination. Beyond furniture, you can even shop around for some decorative pieces to give your property an extra layer of style, from affordable lighting solutions to rugs.

Shipping is available anywhere in the U.S., and West Elm also has a U.K. subdivision for orders in the region. For other international destinations, you should contact their customers support for information.

5. Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach can be described with just two words: stylish and accessible. It has over 20 stores across the U.S., plus a few international stores in Mexico and Canada. Its style revolves around the classic feel of signature pieces, all at very affordable prices for tight budgets.

Their shipping rates are generally 12% of the total order value, and currently only ship in the U.S. and Canada, though for international shipments they can coordinate with other freight services if needed.

Start Shopping Now!

These five websites are great places to spruce up your vacation rental decoration. All of them offer quality pieces that will look amazing in any home, so be sure to check them out if you’re in the market for some new furniture.

Plus, most of these offer very good deals that can help you save a few dollars as well, so keep an eye out for them. Or, check them out during any holiday, a very popular time for most stores to offer great sales.

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