Are all rental listing sites created equal? Of course not, but from the perspective of a property manager, the question is a little different.

Instead of looking for the listing sites with the most traffic, you’ll also want to weigh a few other factors in. Things like booking commissions, ease of use (UI & UX), compatibility with software, and target markets. At Tokeet, our main concern is short-term rentals (vacation rentals).

All of these things were taken into account whilst forming this list – along with popularity too. If you’re a short-term rental manager, these are the sites you want to be seen on. So, without further hesitation, here are the top 10 best rental listing sites:

Should you be listing your property on all of these?

Yes. That’s the short answer. If you’re a full-time rental manager with multiple properties to keep occupied, you’ll want to have as much exposure as possible.

If you just have one property, you may do just fine with one channel. You’d be in the minority though if you put your property on Airbnb and had instant, everlasting success. Starting out with a strategy that involves multiple rental listing sites will ensure you start seeing action sooner and encounter fewer dead spots.

Of course, you’ll want a software solution to tie all these channels together. This article isn’t about Tokeet’s ability to synchronize and manage all of the best rental listing sites, though. Let’s focus on the benefits of running your property on multiple channels instead:

Why Listing Your Property on Multiple Channels is a Great Investment

1. Increased exposure to more users.

The most fundamental purpose of using multiple channels is that you have the opportunity to reach a wider range of potential guests. Every property listing site has its own method for reaching customers – they all come equipped with their own user base.

The best rental listing sites (listed above) are the ones that have proven success in reaching people. It’d be a shame to miss out on all those extra eyes.

2. Insurance against unexpected decrease in popularity of one site.

The internet is a place where trends surge and fall with daily, or even hourly, frequency. A website that might be front of the pack today might be old news before you even notice. Now this may sound a bit like contradiction after reading #1, but there’s a distinction to be made between success and longevity.

Are all the channels listed above successful? Can they all bring a ton of new booking possibilities to your rental property operation? Yes and yes. But no one can account for a company’s ability to always remain ahead of the competition. Especially in a field as competitive as this one. When one channel loses users, another picks them up. It’s best to be on both.

3. Different rental listing sites, different markets.

When we say “not all listing sites are created equal”, that’s not an attempt to say “some are not worth your time”. If you take a look at the sites on the list above, you’ll see that each has a different aesthetic, each has a different focus for how they present their listings to potential guests. A properties may perform well on one listing site, while remaining completely overlooked on another. Your best strategy is to cast a wide net.

4. You will benefit from channel competition.

Simple business theory shows that when an industry creates more competition, it means better opportunities for consumers and users. Rental property sites are constantly competing for traffic, and that means constant courting of rental managers. They want your listing, and they’re going to make themselves appear as attractive as possible to you.

If you’re only listing your property on one site, you could be missing out on the unique features, discounts, or included services of another. Take advantage of the various opportunities that different websites provide by listing your vacation property on as many as possible.

Clearly, listing your vacation property on a wide range of property websites is a great investment. It’s free exposure, more bookings, insurance against dead spots, and a jumpstart for anyone just getting started. And, with a little help from Tokeet, you’ll be able to manage all of these channels with ease.

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