Hi. Yes, you can send notifications to your cleaners. You will want to add your cleaners to your Tokeet account as a user. https://www.tokeet.com/help/user-settings-and-logins/how-do-i-add-and-update-users This can be as a house staff user, if you do not wish to have them see booking totals. https://www.tokeet.com/help/user-settings-and-logins/user-type-and-permissions-overview You can then restrict the rentals that the user is able to see. They will only be able to view the calendars for the rentals that they are not restricted from. https://www.tokeet.com/help/user-settings-and-logins/restricting-user-access You can then make that user a recipient on a booking confirmation automation either in TV3, or in Automata. https://www.tokeet.com/help/triggers/tokeet-version-3-triggers https://www.tokeet.com/help/triggers/automata-trigger-details This way, when a new booking is created, the message will be sent automatically to your cleaner.