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Here you will find the answers to the most common user questions about Signature.

I am locked out of my account, or I forgot my password. What should I do?
  • Do not panic! You can easily reset your password by following the helpful steps in this guide.
    This will reset your password for all Tokeet apps.

How do I save my signature to my account so that my contracts are automatically signed?
  • That is easy! You will want to complete the simple steps outlined in our help guide to save your signature in your account. Once saved, when you are a recipient of a template, the template will not be sent to your email address, and your signature will automatically be applied to the template.

I want to make a template, but I do not know where to begin. Can you help me?
  • Certainly! We have carefully detailed all the steps and functions for you in a helpful guide. You can click on the different template types to get more information about the differences in the template editors and functions.

I just made a template. How do I send it to my guest?
  • Let us help you with that! You will want to follow the instructions in this help guide we created. It will guide you through the process of sending your templates to recipients.

What are custom codes?
  • We are happy you asked! Custom codes are a way of creating custom information fields for rentals or groups of rentals. There's a more detailed explanation here.

How do I use custom codes?
  • Let us show you how! You will find the custom codes easy to use, but very powerful in functionality. Creating a new custom code is outlined in easy-to-follow steps in this guide.

How can I organize my templates so that I can quickly find the ones that I want?
  • Good question! We have provided you with numerous sorting options in the user interface, as well as a powerful search function. However, we have also provided the ability to create tags for templates and custom codes. You can read all about tags management in our detailed guide.

There was an incident at my rental. How do I share the guest contract with the proper authorities?
  • Do not fret! We have provided you with the tools to be able to share your legal documents easily with others. You can download the completed template as a PDF, and print it out. You can also share the electronic template directly via email. We made a helpful guide to assist you with this.

Oh no! I accidentally sent the wrong contract to the wrong guest. What should I do?
  • No worries! You can quickly and easily cancel the pending template, and send the correct one afterwards. Just follow all the steps outlined in this useful guide.

How can I see the photo identification my guest sent with the signed contract?
  • That is a great question! The guest photo ID appears on the second-to-last page in the inbox preview. Follow the easy steps in this guide to view the submitted guest photo identification.

Can I send my template automatically when a booking comes in?
  • Of course! Sending templates automatically requires Automata triggers. You will be able to send contracts, documents and forms based on different booking and time-based events. Read more about it, and the different requirements for each template type in this help guide.

As always, we're here to help. Please feel free to email with any questions.

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