Getting Setup With Tokeet

Welcome to Tokeet!  We're happy that you've decided to give us a try. Now it's time to tackle the first part of using Tokeet: setting up your account. Below are step by step instructions about everything you'll need to do to get up and running with Tokeet.

Create Rentals by connecting to Airbnb

If you work with Airbnb, Tokeet will import your Airbnb listings and create Tokeet Rentals for you.  Rentals correspond to property listings in Tokeet.

For instructions on how to connect to AirBnb and import your listings so that they are automatically created as Tokeet rentals please see the following guide: Connecting to Airbnb API

Create Rentals by entering property data

  • If you've already Imported Rentals by connecting to Airbnb: skip this step.
  • Creating Rentals manually in Tokeet is easy. Please use the following guide to create rentals in Tokeet. How do I add and update rentals?

Set your Rental Rates

  • To create Rental Rates, navigate to Rates at the top of your screen to open the Rates Calendar
  • This article will detail what you need to know to create rates on your rentals: Rental Rates Calendar

Managing channels via an API integration allows you to synchronize availability, update channel rates, and track booking notifications from the Tokeet platform. Managing channels via iCal allows you to synchronize availability between Tokeet and connected channels.  

  • There are specific and detailed Help Center articles for connecting to API channels:  Airbnb,, and Expedia.
  • Once you connect to your API channels, you will want to Import Bookings into Tokeet; Push Rates from Tokeet; Push Availability from Tokeet into your API Channels
  • There are also detailed articles for connecting to iCal channels.
  • Please see the below video on connecting to iCal Channels in Tokeet.

Now that you've connected your channels, it's time to verify your calendar. Tokeet has a few calendar varieties to help you get a good perspective of your availability and any gaps that may have emerged during the connection process. 

  • Your Tokeet calendar updates automatically and instantaneously get sent to your connected channels.
  • Tokeet does not import blocked dates / holds from your connected channels. You will have to create Hold Events to account for these in Tokeet. 
  • Please see the below video on creating Hold Events in Tokeet.

Video Walkthrough

Once you have added Rentals & Rental Rates, connected to your Channels, and verified your Calendar, you have completed the main phase of your setup process!

Tip:  once you have pushed rates and availability to your connected channels, we recommend logging in there to make sure your calendars and rates are updating correctly.  

You are now ready to move on to Part II of your Tokeet account setup.

Please contact us with questions any time!  We are thrilled to have you onboard and wish you a most successful vacation rental business.   

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