Message Template Examples

In Tokeet, you can easily create Message Templates for messages that you routinely send to guests or to your internal team.  

Message templates can be sent via Tokeet Triggers, or on an ad hoc basis by clicking into a particular booking in the Inquiries section.   You can also insert placeholders from the Tokeet Data Dictionary, which our system replaces automatically in real time.  

Here are a few examples of great message templates for you to use and build on. With all of these, please make sure you have the corresponding fields populated in your Rental Settings.  For example, Checkin and Checkout times originate from your Rental Settings > Rental Instructions section.

Internal: Booking Received Email

Subject: New Booking Received!

Rental Name: *|RENTAL:NAME|*  Rental Address: *|RENTAL:ADDRESS|*, *|RENTAL:CITY|*, *|RENTAL:COUNTRY|*Guest Name: *|GUEST:NAME|*  Guest Email: *|GUEST:EMAIL|*Guest Phone Number:   *|GUEST:PHONE|*  Booking Dates: *|INQUIRY:ARRIVE|*  - *|INQUIRY:DEPART|*Number of Nights: *|INQUIRY:NIGHTS|*Booking Cost: *|INQUIRY:COST|*Number of Adults: *|INQUIRY:ADULTS|*Number of Children: *|INQUIRY:CHILDREN|*Checkin Time: *|INQUIRY:CHECK_IN|*Checkout Time: *|INQUIRY:CHECK_OUT|*

Guest:  Booking Received Email

Subject: Thank you for booking with us!

Dear *|GUEST:NAME|*,

Thank you for your reservation at  *|RENTAL:NAME|*.  We are looking forward to welcoming you in *|RENTAL:CITY|*!  Your reservation is confirmed with the following info:Name: *|GUEST:NAME|*  Email: *|GUEST:EMAIL|*Phone Number:   *|GUEST:PHONE|*  Dates: *|INQUIRY:ARRIVE|* - *|INQUIRY:DEPART|*Checkin Time:  *|INQUIRY:CHECK_IN|*Checkout Time:  *|INQUIRY:CHECK_OUT|*Property address: *|RENTAL:ADDRESS|*, *|RENTAL:CITY|*, *|RENTAL:COUNTRY|*Please let me know if you have any questions.  I will contact you 24 hours prior to checkin to coordinate key pickup and to provide more info.Thanks again and we're looking forward to your visit!

Guest: Pre-Checkin Email

Subject: Enjoy your stay with us!

Dear *|GUEST:NAME|* ,Your reservation at  *|RENTAL:NAME|* is upcoming in 24 hours!  We look forward to welcoming you in *|RENTAL:CITY|*!The property is located at:*|RENTAL:ADDRESS|**|RENTAL:CITY|**|RENTAL:COUNTRY|*Your property will be ready by *|INQUIRY:CHECK_IN|*.Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or to help coordinate transport from airport or train.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.See you soon!

Guest: Pre-Checkout Email

Subject: Your upcoming checkout

Dear *|GUEST:NAME|* ,We hope you enjoyed your stay at *|RENTAL:NAME|* and  explored everything *|RENTAL:CITY|* has to offer.  We’re sad to see you go.The regularly scheduled checkout time is at *|INQUIRY:CHECK_OUT|*, so that we can make the property ready for our next guest.Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or  to help coordinate transport to airport or train.Thank you again and bon voyage!

Guest:  Post-Checkout Email (Request for Review)

Subject: Thank you for being our guest!

Dear *|GUEST:NAME|* ,It was a pleasure hosting you at *|RENTAL:NAME|*.  We trust that you are safely back at home, with thoughts of *|RENTAL:CITY|* still on your mind.  We would like to thank you for choosing us to spend your vacation.If there is anything which we could have done to make your trip more enjoyable, please let us know.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.We would also like to kindly ask you to provide a review of *|RENTAL:NAME|* on Tripadvisor.  

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration! We look forward to reading your review.Thank you and we hope to see you again soon!

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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