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  • RE: Update on Website Buider

    HI Maximo, as I think you already know we've recently released our new website builder called Webready. You can learn more about it here. Current Tokeet users may login to webready using their credentials or click the Add On option in the top menu of TV3 to auto login.

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  • RE: Please connect with check in software like wishbox

    HI Irina, we do connect with Wishbos and they are one of our integration partners. You can reach out to them for details of setting up the connection. Cheers.

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  • Announcing Webready - The best website builder for short-term rentals

    alt text

    We are excited to announce the release of Webready, the latest addition to Tokeet’s suite of products! With Webready, your website can become your primary booking channel!

    Webready allows you to create outstanding, high-quality websites for your short-term rentals. Its easy to follow design guides you through the process, from selecting one of the many new templates for single and multiple rental websites to adding or purchasing a domain that suits your business.

    You’ll be able to easily adjust the menu and pages for your website and we’ve also added a very simple and quick SSL process to ensure that it is secured. Webready offers enhanced features such as the booking engine and many more, taking your feedback into account.

    Webready delivers fully responsive designs on all devices, coupon codes, improved SEO, and even its own Rates module.

    Current Tokeet users can login to Webready today. You may also auto-login from within TV3 or Sympl CM by clicking the Add Ons top menu option, then selecting Webready. Webready is also available as an add on product on our Tokeet App Store.

    Webready is a separate product within the Tokeet product suite. It does have a FREE plan for creating a single rental website. However, you must upgrade to create multi-rental websites. Please click here to learn more about Webready Pricing.

    Read more here.

    As always, please contact support with any questions.

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  • RE: No Regular Updates

    Hi Rodney,
    Allow me to follow on Duane's message. There have not been any chances to services during the crisis. We remain fully staffed in all regions and have even added staff in some of our roles. Further, during the Pandemic Tokeet has been working hard on new products and features which we will soon be announcing broadly. Some of our customers have already been in the beta program for these products and we are working through the final stages of release.

    • We have completed development of our new website builder called WebReady and are currently in beta.
    • We have also completed development of our staff management application called Checklist, which is also in beta.
    • Finally, we are testing and will soon release a new channel manager called Sympl, designed for smaller property managers.

    Stay tuned to hear more about these products as they emerge from beta and go into general availability.


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  • RE: Tokeet and Automata triggers not firing

    We were able to re-send all the messages that didn’t send except for the ones that were time-based.

    To be on the safe side, we went back a little extra far so some messages may have been sent twice.

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  • Tokeet and Automata triggers not firing

    At present, we are experiencing an outage in both Tokeet and Automata automated messaging (triggers) and possibly automatic invoicing. This has resulted in events not firing when they are supposed to. Our team has identified the issue, are we are currently working on a fix. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, please manually send any messages that would have been sent with your automation since 5:36pm UTC. This will allow you to maintain timely communication with your guest. Once a fix is in place, we will follow-up with you in this chat. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

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  • RE: More COVID-19 Help From Tokeet

    @Hugo-Candeias - Beta testing is starting the first week of August.

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  • RE: Tokeet emails go to spam

    Konstantinos... I checked in with Product Management and was told that they do intend to fix it... should be weeks not months away. Maybe sooner, but I don't want to overpromise.

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  • RE: More COVID-19 Help From Tokeet

    Since dropping this e-mail overnight, quite a few of you have written in to take advantage of the subscription offers, including some returning customers.

    Thanks for your commitment to our platform! We promise you our best efforts at quality and responsiveness, so post here or drop me a line any time.


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  • More COVID-19 Help From Tokeet

    I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy, and I wish for a fast turnaround to this current situation.

    I know that many of you are experiencing difficult times in your businesses and have reached out for assistance from Tokeet. We are committed in our resolve to work with all of our customers and assist where we can. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can potentially affect our industry for many months. The only way for us to recover well is to work together and be good citizens in this global industry.

    Tokeet came to market when most short-term Property/Channel Management Software was priced high and required long-term commitments and significant upfront expenditure. We helped pioneer the low-priced / high-value segment of the CMS industry and have established a leadership position in this segment. Since then, there have been many new entrants who seek to mimic our success by copying our price, positioning, and model – not to mention their marketing materials. We welcome these companies and are excited by the fresh energy and vibrance they add to our industry. We strongly believe that competition is good for you, our customers.

    We also believe that, due to our strong and established customer base and structure, we are well-positioned to help you weather this economic storm and get your business back on track. Below are some additional actions we will be taking to further help our customers through this troubling time.

    • We are permanently eliminating all plans for the introduction of an invoice (processing) fee within the core Tokeet product. This fee was first mentioned in our price change email in February.

    • By popular request, we are reopening our yearly plan offer to all customers. This will provide an average 30% discount off current prices.

    • We are also introducing a two-year plan with a discount of about 40% off current prices. This new plan is immediately available to all customers.

    • We will soon be launching Sympl CM to help our smaller property managers who are looking for an easier, more cost-effective solution. Sympl CM is designed for managers of 1-3 properties at a price of $2.99/rental.

    The best businesses utilize time during an economic downturn to become even better. I am sure many of you are taking a hard look at your models and are finding ways to be even more efficient than ever. Likewise, Tokeet is not satisfied with sitting still during this lull in our industry. In the coming months, we will be releasing a number of new tools and applications designed to further improve your operations and efficiency. In addition to Sympl CM, we are building a completely new application for creating beautiful websites to help you attract guests directly, and save on commissions. We are also building a product designed for managing your staff, service providers, and vendors. These changes ensure that you will be able to support your business with one integrated platform, rather than having to integrate multiple providers that were never built to work together. None of our existing products or features are going away.

    Tokeet is here for the long term. Let’s meet the future together.

    Warm regards,
    Kwesi Steele
    Tokeet CEO

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