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  • Tokeet has integrated with Alertify!


    We're pleased to announce our partnership with Alertify!

    They're revolutionizing the way we manage properties with Smart Room Monitoring Solutions. Here's what they bring to the table:

    Real-time monitoring and alerts for noise, smoking, and occupancy violations.
    Incident reports that settle disputes.
    Direct guest communication through GuestAlert.
    A backup battery for uninterrupted monitoring.
    Instant identification of guests during violations.

    Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Alertify.

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  • Tokeet integrated with Aipex Technologies


    We're happy to announce our partnership with Aipex – the only vacation rental AI technology available both in-property and on guest's phones.

    Ever wished your guests could have the ultimate property experience? Well, AIPEX turns that wish into reality. Imagine giving your guests the power of Amazon Alexa combined with their smartphones to explore your properties like never before. It's like having a virtual concierge that knows all about your spaces and the best local spots. 🗺🎉

    Whether you're hosting in a bustling city or a serene getaway, AIPEX has got you covered. With features that include voice-assisted checkouts, instant host communication, and even automated guest messaging through an Amazon Echo, it's a whole new level of convenience for both hosts and guests. And guess what? Your privacy is top-notch – no stored recordings. 🙅♂🔒

    But that's not all! AIPEX brings the future of hosting to your doorstep with its advanced Conversational AI. Think of it as your personalized property expert, available 24/7 to assist your guests with a million different interactions. And for those of you worried about complexity, worry not – AIPEX is all about simple setup and maximum results. Plus, who wouldn't love an Amazon Echo Show providing digital signage at an unbelievably low cost? 💬📈

    So why wait? Join the league of hosts who've taken their guest experiences to the next level with AIPEX. 🚀 Boost bookings, enhance guest satisfaction, and revolutionize the way you host. With AIPEX, you're not just hosting; you're providing an unforgettable journey. Get started today and let AIPEX redefine hosting excellence.

    Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Aipex

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  • Tokeet has integrated with!


    We're thrilled to introduce – your ultimate cleaning partner for seamless short-term rental turnovers!

    Imagine automating your cleaner scheduling and enjoying worry-free hosting. Whether you bring your own cleaners or choose from their marketplace experts, has got you covered.

    Syncing flawlessly with Tokeet, you'll save time and enjoy real-time updates based on your reservations. Plus, with features like multilingual communication, instant media uploads, and reliable payments, is your shortcut to stress-free hosting success.

    Join 15,000+ satisfied hosts and 75,000+ professional cleaners who trust for top-tier service.

    Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Cleanster.

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  • Tokeet is integrated with StayFi!


    Seamlessly gather essential guest information, such as names, emails, and phone numbers, through customized WiFi splash pages that showcase your brand.

    StayFi allows you to Brand WiFi, collect guest data, and increase direct bookings – all while providing a better WiFi experience for vacation rental guests.

    Collect emails from every guest, not just the booker and engage your guests with email & text marketing. You can also easily reduce WiFi issues with Smart Monitoring.

    Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on StayFi.

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  • Tokeet integrated with Google Vacation Rentals!


    Every day, millions of users around the world use Google to plan their travels. Our integration with Google’s vacation rental platform makes it easy to share up-to-date rates, availability, photos, descriptions, and more for your vacation rental on Google.

    Travelers can discover listings by browsing relevant keywords in Google Search, exploring destinations in Google Maps, or filtering for vacation rentals in Google Travel’s dedicated lodging search.

    Google’s vacation rental platform offers a convenient and comprehensive platform for finding and booking vacation rentals, with the added benefits of trusted providers and user reviews.

    Click here to get connected to Google’s vacation rental platform or check out our FAQs.

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  • Owner Center Promo Period Ended

    We hope you've had a fantastic time exploring Owner Center during the evaluation period. Your overwhelming positive feedback has been heartwarming, and we're thrilled to see your excitement about the platform's potential to elevate your property management experience.

    As a friendly reminder, the free 3-week trial period for Owner Center officially concluded on July 23rd, 2023. Today marks the beginning of the subscription period, and we want to ensure a seamless transition for all our valued property managers.

    Action Required: When you log in, a popup will appear, impacting your access to the platform. To continue using Owner Center and enjoy all its features, simply click the "Yes, Proceed" button. By doing so, you'll effortlessly transition into the subscription plan and unlock all the functionalities you've grown to love.

    We're grateful for your unwavering support, and as a token of appreciation, we're delighted to offer an exclusive 7-day trial extension for subscribed users. This extra time allows you to delve further into Owner Center's capabilities, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your property management needs.

    Our dedicated support team is here to assist you throughout this process. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're more than happy to help.

    Thank you for being an integral part of the Owner Center community. Your input is invaluable to us, and we remain committed to delivering a seamless property management experience that empowers you to achieve your goals efficiently.

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  • RE: Partner API - Missing Webhooks

    Hi Rashpal. I have noted that this message has been responded to via email. Please let us know if you're still unable to see our correspondence.

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  • RE: iCal export numer of clients in rezervation

    Hi Dusan. Was I able to get you sorted on live chat? If not, please send another message there. I will consider this thread close for now.

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  • Tokeet's integration with KeyNinja


    KeyNinja is an AI-driven platform that offers cleaning and check-in services for short-term operators and homeowners across Australia.

    Perfect for those who are based remotely or looking for a company to outsource their day-to-day operations, so they can focus on growing their portfolio.

    KeyNinja streamlines short-stay property management workflows by digitising operations, automating tasks, and providing real-time updates.

    Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on KeyNinja.

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  • Tokeet is now integrated with Jervis Systems!

    integrations-Tokeet-Jervis (1).jpg

    Revolutionize the way you manage your properties with full control from anywhere in the world.

    Jervis Systems is a guest access and smart home device automation platform that saves you time and resources, maximizes security and reduces expenses.

    Automate check-in, manage devices and even reduce utility bills by automating property temperatures with this easy-to-use platform.

    You’ll also be able to send notifications to guests and staff as well as simplify cleaning company access & tasks.

    Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Jervis Systems.

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