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  • Rategenie Updates Q1 - Q3 [2020]

    Q1 Updates

    Issue Fix
    Users should be able to save the strategy after updating strategy details. On Strategy create view: Changing drop down selection from occupancy base to Historical demand was not allowing to create a new strategy. This issue is fixed now.
    In Rental Market occupancy, Sorting was missing to display the latest 12 months data. Due to this users were not seeing all the data for the past year. In Rental Market occupancy, Sorting is added to display the latest 12 months data. Now users can see all the data for the past year.
    Label of 'Local Events' is updated. For Rates calendar, In rates break down we have changed the label from Local Events to 'Special Events'.
    Logged in User's Role should be visible. On top right side of the app, right below the user name logged in user role should be visible now.
    Allow User to select a global year for all the charts data on rental metrics tab. New feature: On rental overlay page for rentals Metrics tab, we have added global year selection to show all the charts data in one go.
    Issues with Navigation are fixed. Fixed the navigation issue for different browser zoom sizes. Users were previously facing issues while navigating to month and year filter.
    Non percentage adjustment fields were displaying maximum value is 300% error. Strategy Rule: Non percentage adjustment fields were displaying maximum value is 300% error. This has been corrected to display this error message only in case of percentage adjustment fields.
    For Strategies, Editing Min night rule from mobile app was causing problems on RG web app. We have fixed the UI issue and also fix the issue where min night was not showing on rates breakdown.
    Manual rates start and end dates are displaying incorrectly. Fixed the time zone issue that was causing manual rate to be applied one month ahead.
    Rategenie does load data when a user has a rental name with all Numerics. Fixed the issue where Rategenie was not loading properly whenever there was a rental with name as full numeric values.
    Label should be changed for Airbnb API (new). Airbnb api (new) label is removed throughout the app and changed to Airbnb Api.
    Dragging Sync buttons were causing issues. Turning ON/OFF sync buttons in Rategenie while using Drag and Drop were causing some issues. Dragging the sync toggle was not getting ON and OFF. This is fixed now.
    Reducing the screen size was causing spinner to keep rotating on the rates calendar page. The Rate calendar was not showing rates with less than 90% zoom size. Rate Calendar is now showing correctly for different zoom sizes.
    Zero percentage adjustment on manual rate was causing problems. Zero percentage adjustment was not visible on rates breakdown and also it was showing blank value on the manual rates table. Adjusment Issues are fixed now.
    On Rates calendar page while applying rental filter: selection of rental was moving the scroll on top again. It's fixed to stay on the selected rental section.
    In Strategies, adding a new rule was displaying the type as rental in the strategy activity logs and not as a rule. New added rule is now displayed as a rule in the strategy activity logs.
    Error message entering negative values need to be updated. Update the error message when entering negative values. Following error message will be displayed now where -ve values are not allowed: Only positive integers allowed.
    On Login, Terms of Service URL were outdated. It’s fixed now to show the latest Terms of Services.
    On Login, Privacy Policy URL was outdated. It’s fixed now to show the latest Privacy Policy.
    UI was getting disturbed on large Rental Names. We have reduced the rental name display length to a certain level so that UI is not disturbed.
    Check should be applied for TV3 rate mappings with auto-sync active New Feature: Check is applied for TV3 rate mappings with auto-sync active, to prevent duplicate rate pushes. Now we show a warning pop up when user tries to turn on listing sync in Rategenie to avoid duplicate rate pushes.
    On Rates calendar page, Users should see a banner to subscribe to RG or update subscription whenever subscription is expired. New Feature: On Rates, Show a banner above the rates calendar when users are not subscribed to Rategenie. When user subscription is over/past due then we are now showing this banner on top of RG page: You are not currently subscribed to Rategenie. Rates will not push to your channels until you subscribe.
    Users should be able to see Audit trail and see what changes are made to strategy type or rule. New Feature: Added audit trail, whenever a user makes an update to his strategy or linked strategy rules in RG. In strategy activity logs now users will be able to see which rule or strategy type is updated/changed.
    Users should see an info box on Channel Adjustment Rule. New Feature: On Strategies, We have added an info box to the Channel Adjustment Rule. Following info box text is added on channel adjustment rule: Channel adjusted rates will never exceed the min or max rate that is set in the strategy or rental settings, even if a manual rate is set.
    Users should be shown a red alert icon on Rates Calendar Page when rental location is updated. New Feature: On Rates, When a user updates his rental location then we are now showing a red alert icon on the rates calendar page. When user will click on this icon then we will generate rates in rategenie according to updated location.
    Icons should be updated throughout the application. New Feature: We have added different icons like Edit, Remove, Delete throughout the app and also added different strategies type icons in the application.
    Users should be allowed a grace period of one day while checking validity of active subscription. New Feature: When checking the validity of an active subscription we have implemented a grace period. We have implemented a 24 hour grace period, in order to prevent unnecessary service outages on the day of subscription renewal.

    Q2 Updates

    Issue Fix
    Truncate Users Name when the username is large. We have truncated the user name when the username is large so that the UI is not disturbed.
    Remove Year Selection option from Seasonal Rule. We have removed the year selection option for the Seasonal rule in order to avoid the wrong rates issue due to overlapping years.
    Issue with Leap Year selection on Seasonal Rule. For the Seasonal rule, when there was a leap year then rates were not showing correctly on the rates calendar page. This is fixed now.
    Allow the Users to filter data based on Rental Amenities. New feature: We have added a new filter of Rental Amenities in the Rategenie filter list
    User is not directed to Current Day on rates calendar. On rates multi calendar page by default, User is now redirected to the current day.
    User should be informed about the issues of disabled and pending listings. New feature: Added an alert in the bell icon section for disabled/pending listings of any channel to help users to quickly fix the issue of disabled/pending listings in Tokeet.
    Allow ability to drag horizontally and vertically to add a manual rate for multiple rentals in one go. New feature: On rates multi-calendar page, we have added an ability to drag horizontally and vertically to add a manual rate for multiple rentals in one go.
    Add info in Airbnb listing while adding additional guest rule. We have added info text for Airbnb listings while adding an additional guest fee rule through the strategy page.
    Allow User to adjust rates based on Custom Occupancy ranges. New feature: We have introduced the new Custom Occupancy strategy in Rategenie. Now with custom occupancy the users have the option to define their own occupancy range, and using that range they can adjust rates up and down depending on their needs.
    Allow User to define different rates across differnet seasons. New feature: We have introduced the new Seasonal rule in Rategenie. Now with seasonal rule you can set a different base rate, minimum rate, maximum rate and minimum nights for different seasons throughout the year. The seasonal adjustment once set will repeat itself automatically for each year.
    Users should be informed about the Seasonal Rule when logged in. After user login on Rategenie page, we have added an in-app pop up message along with a video to help our users to get all the details about our new seasonal rule.
    Update hierarachy for min nights after the addition of Seasonal Rule. We have updated the min night hierarchy after the addition of new seasonal rules. The updated min night hierarchy is: Manual rate, Gap night rule, Date specific rule, Last minute rule, Seasonal rule, Advance booking rule, Min night rule, Rental rate settings, Strategy details

    Q3 Updates

    Issue Fix
    Allow Users to set own rules of rates using CSV file or an public feed URL link. New Feature: We have introduced a new custom feed strategy in Rategenie. Using this strategy users will be able to feed their custom rates for each day by manually uploading a CSV from their computer or by entering a public feed URL of their custom rates that we will use to pull the feed data at least once per day.
    Users should be able to view how this new strategy works on Strategies lis view page On the strategies list view page, we have updated the strategies overview video to include a brief introduction about our new Custom Feed strategy as well.
    Users should be informed about the new features when logged in. After user login on Rategenie page, we have added an in-app wizard to help our Rategenie users to get all the details about our latest Custom Feed strategy and other new features in Rategenie.
    Rategenie 50% discount for New Rategenie users. These are the countries which are charged full price in Rategenie: NA (Canada, US & Mexico), EMEA minus Africa (which includes Russia and the Middle-East), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Maldives. All others get 50% off. Read more detail about pricing plan by going to the below link here
    Allow Users to set rates based on weather forecast. New feature: Using our new weather rule, users can now set different rates depending on the weather forecast. Set a fixed rate or an adjustment to the rate based on the weather conditions in your rental location. To learn more, click here to read the help document.
    Allow Users to set up an Alternate Location inside Rategenie. New feature: Using this feature, users can adjust their rental’s location in order to get market data without impacting their rental’s primary address. Set an alternate location inside Rategenie in order to get market rates without interfering with your current primary address location. To learn more click here to read the blog article.
    Allow Users to set up an Alternate Bedroom count inside Rategenie. New feature: Using this new feature, users can set an alternate bedroom count inside Rategenie in order to get rates that are comparable to their competitors without interfering with their Tokeet rental data. To learn more, click here to read the blog article.
    Add a tooltip for default rates and area avg rates in Overview tab on Rental Overlay. New feature: On rental overlay, In the overview tab, we have added a tooltip for default rates and area avg rate.
    New Integerations for Rategenie. New feature: Added HomeToGo and Sympl in the integration section of RG.
    Add a reason text field while creating manual rates. New feature: A text field is added allowing users to add Reason while creating manual rates in Rategenie.
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  • RE: Tokeet and Automata triggers not firing

    There was a temporary outage of the Tokeet and Automata trigger services from July 30th @ 17:56 UTC to July 31st @ 09:18 UTC. This resulted in triggers not firing when expected. As a result of this outage, any automated messages that failed to send will have to be sent manually. Automated messages outside of the specified time range will have been unaffected.

    We have successfully identified and fixed the issue, with safeguards installed to prevent another occurrence in the future. Please review your inquiries and automations for the time range noted above, to ensure that your guests have received all appropriate messaging. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that all corrections made have been effective. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. We appreciate your patience, and thank you for being a Tokeet user.

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  • Automated Invoicing Beta

    Our new automated invoicing is currently in beta and will soon be released. This feature will allow you to automatically create invoices when a guest books, before or after they check-in, before or after they check-out, or even if they cancel.

    We are welcoming users who wish to try this feature out beforehand and start using it now to email and let us know. We will get you set up in the beta and would love any feedback from the service.

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  • RE: Suggestions in general

    Hi Irina. Thank you for the thoughtful suggestions. These have been forwarded to the development team for consideration. We're unable to provide a timetable for implementation at the moment, as feasibility of each request has not yet been determined.

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  • RE: API link with Home Away

    Hi Alistair. Homeaway API integration is still in development. Release of the API has been delayed until later this year.

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  • RE: Payment Activity Logs for Gateways do not retain history of all transactions

    Hi Ryland. The payment logs go back 30 days, in app. If you wish to see activity beyond that span, you will have to reference your stripe account to see the full payment logs.

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  • RE: Website functionality

    Hi Alistair. At present, the new website builder is still in development, but the timetable for release has still not been determined. I do not want to discourage you from pursuing a more urgent solution, if you deem it necessary. We just hope that you give our website builder update a look when we release it in beta. It will be free to test, at that time, so if you prefer the results that we provide, hopefully you will be one of our early adopters.

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  • RE: Rateginie min/max

    Hi Konstantinos. This has been discussed at length, and it is possible to change this behavior. However, this would entail a change to the way Rategenie generates rates that might catch some users off-guard. Our concern is that the behavior of the channel adjustment rule is a known quantity now, and we would need significant lead time on implementing such a change, so that users who expect the min and max to be enforces on channel adjustments aren't suddenly facing a situation where those guardrails are no longer in place.

    Again, we can implement this change, but it will require considerable user feedback. We're currently reaching out to our early adopters to gauge user feedback, and we will make a decision afterwards, as to which features need updating.

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  • RE: Minimum length of stay per channel

    Hi Leigh. We have discussed this feature as a team, and it is something to be considered for a future update of Rategenie. There is no current timetable for implementation. The only solution that won't involve manually blocking dates would be creating duplicate rentals in TV3, and then linking them via iCal, in order to sync their availabilities. This will let to put a different min stay requirement on Airbnb from the other channels. This guide will explain how to link rentals together in TV3:

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  • RE: Rategenie owner report

    Hi. I wanted to followup on this thread, because we have discussed this since it came up, and we are currently in the process of adding additional reporting in the application. This will be a multi-step process, with advanced metric coming further down the road. I cannot reveal more than that, but I wanted to let you know that you should start seeing these new features appearing in the app within the next 2 months.

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