• RE: API link with Home Away

    @Leonardo-Martinez We will announce the addition of the Homeaway API when it is ready. At present, we are still waiting on Homeaway for the completion of the process. Thank you for your interest.

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  • RE: How to add a 1 night stay - without playing around with discounts in OTAs

    Hi Alexandra. There is not currently a solution for the rate configuration that you have suggested, outside of Booking.com. For Booking.com, you will need to configure a 2 night min stay rate in Tokeet, and push that to your Standard Rate on Booking.com. Then, in the Booking.com Extranet, you will need to create a new rate plan, and set the min stay as 1 night for that rate plan. The pricing can be set to be based on the Standard Rate, in which case you don't need to create a new rate category in Tokeet. Or, you can choose to set that 1 night stay pricing yourself, in which case you will need to create a new rate category in Tokeet, and push that new rate category to your new Booking.com rate plan.

    That is the only solution available for your rate configuration, and it's currently only available with Booking.com. Please let us know if you have any further questions. We're happy to help.

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  • Rategenie Updates Q4 [2020]

    Q4 Updates

    Issue Fix
    Allow User to get a rate estimate from the RG rates table. New Feature: We have added a new functionality in Rategenie called Cost Estimator. Using this feature, users can estimate the rate for potential bookings without using Tokeet or Sympl.
    Users should be able to view how Rate Estimator works. On Rate Estimator Modal, we have added video to include a brief introduction about our new Feature. The video along with the link to help guide is also available on the Welcome page.
    Allow users to create currency conversions for different channels. New Feature: We have added a new Rule named as 'Currency Adjustment Rule' in Rategenie Strategies rule list. Using this rule, users can use different currencies for different channels. Users can also see the forex conversion table that's updated regularly to perform the conversion, prior to adding a new currency for a specific channel.
    Users should be able to view how this new Rule works. On the 'Add New Rule' modal on strategies page, we have added a brief introductory video to make User understand how this new rule works. The video along with the link to help guide is also available on the Welcome page.
    Distortion in Market Data graph removed. The Numbers around the graph were not displayed properly when there wasn't any data for the graph. This issue is fixed and the graph is correctly visible.
    Message in Settings tab for Rate overlay updated. Message related to Additional Guest Fee is updated in the Settings tab to show correct application of Additional guest fee.
    Custom Feed Strategy was getting saved even if invalid CSV was uploaded. If a strategy was saved after adding a CSV file with invalid data in all rows, an error message was displayed but strategy was also created. This is updated now and strategy will not be created if invalid CSV file is added by the user.
    Error should be shown for CSV entry with wrong date format. It's fixed now and validation error is shown.
    Data within quotes in Custom Feed File was not saved. It's fixed now and data within quotes is saved.
    Duplicate Default Strategies should not exist. In a few specific cases, User was able to set multiple strategies as default. This issue is fixed now and more than one strategies cannot be set as default now.
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  • RE: VRBO API for less then 5 property minimum

    Hey Leonardo, please reach out to one of our solutions consultants at stefan@tokeet.com. I would love to hear more about how you use this feaure.

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  • RE: Tax breakdown on invoices

    Hi Owen,

    We are currently working on improving the taxes display, increasing both visibility of what is displayed as well as options for what can be done.

    We're hoping to have that completed soon.

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  • RE: More frequent iCal syncs

    Hi Henry,

    Due to the sheer number of iCals that exist within Tokeet, it's not possible to increase the refresh speeds at this time. 1 hour is relatively quick when it comes to iCals, as even Airbnb only syncs once every 3 hours from their end.

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  • Signature Updates | January - October 2020

    New Features

    Updated: The photo ID request popup will not appear when the guest clicks the Submit button. This allows the guest to review and complete the contract, prior to the photo ID being submitted. now, both contract and photo ID will be submitted at the same time, when the guest clicks the Submit button.

    Updated: Users can now download a PDF of the original file they uploaded. This is done on the Templates page, by clicking the Edit button and selecting Download. Only PDF format will be supported for downloads.

    Updated: The user role now shows under the profile name in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

    Updated: User names longer than 30 characters will be truncated in the navigation bar, in order to maintain usability of the navigation bar on mobile devices.

    Updated: Some minor changes were made to tooltips on the Edit Template screen, to improve clarity.

    Updated: Zoom controls have been added to the sign template page. This will allow users on both desktop and mobile to have greater control over the view settings of the template, as they complete the required fields.

    Updated: A new action has been added in the Inbox, that will allow users to associate a template with a different inquiry than it is currently associated with. This should allow users to continue tracking their templates in the TV3 dashboard, even after inquiries have been deleted and remade.

    Updated: Users can now modify the text that shows when requesting a photo ID. In the Edit Template modal, select Passport, National ID, or both. The text shown to the signer, when requesting the photo ID will specify the selected ID type. Any pre-existing templates that request a photo ID will default to the National ID option.

    Updated: To make use of the feature easier to understand, the Assign Inquiry action will always be visible on saved templates in your inbox. This will allow you to change the TV3 inquiry that the contract is assigned to, Previously, this action would only become visible if the assigned inquiry was deleted in TV3.

    Updated: The subject and message body for outgoing emails can now be customized for each template. The Edit Template modal now shows an Edit Message button, which will allow you to add your own email subject and body, that will replace the default text sent by Signature. Be sure to click the Save button for the changes to take effect.

    Updated: When trying to save a contract or form, there are certain fields that are required in order to make the contract or form template valid. The Save button is disabled until the required fields are placed in the template. There is now a tooltip on the Save button to explain which required fields are missing from the template, in order to provide better guidance when completing the template creation process.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed: Data tokens were parsing into the completed templates out of alignment, making text hard to read and/or messy-looking.

    Fixed: There was a blue square appearing around the close icon on the My Signature modal.

    Fixed: Property owners were receiving 2 copies of the signed contract.

    Fixed: When sending a template manually, the inquiry selector was showing the email address incorrectly. The "." in .com was converted into "%2E".

    Fixed: Template recipients were not able to type anything into the textbox in the template.

    Fixed: Users were able to create templates that did not have required fields, allowing guests to submit empty contracts with no fields completed. This has been fixed, so the correction for any further affected users will be to re-save the templates, making sure the important fields like the signature field are marked as required. The signature field will be marked as required by default now.

    Fixed: The location information on a completed contract was sometimes showing the wrong location. This will now correctly show the location where the IP address of the recipient is registered. In my case, while i live in Krabi, Thailand, my location shows as Bangkok, Thailand, where my ISP has registered the IP range.

    Fixed: In the change password modal, the top field was being highlighted, which wasn't correct behavior.

    Fixed: |RENTAL:DIRECTIONS| & |RENTAL: WEBSITES| were not being replaced with the correct values when a Signature template was sent to a recipient using Automata triggers. After the fix, the correct driving directions and website URLs, for the associated rental, are now correctly populating the areas of the template where the data tokens have been inserted.

    Fixed: The message body of the custom message sent with each template was not retaining the formatting shown when saved. This has been fixed now.

    Fixed: When completing a form, guests were unable to enter any value into text fields. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: When submitting a completed template, the Terms of Service popup was not displaying correctly. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: Some users were unable to send templates to guests due to incorrect account information. This issue has been fixed.

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  • Automata Updates | January - October 2020

    New Features

    Updated: The send to guest option was removed from rate events. This is because there is no reason to send a guest a rates notification.

    Updated: The data token |GUEST:WIFE| has been updated in the data dictionary to |GUEST:SPOUSE|. users with templates that still say |GUEST:WIFE| will be unaffected. Both WIFE and SPOUSE data tokens will parse the same thing into the outgoing message.

    Updated: Users can now filter triggers on the Triggers page by action performed.

    Updated: Saving a custom code with a name that has only numbers was creating issues for some users. We will no longer allow names that are only numbers.

    Updated: We added the user role underneath their name in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

    Updated: Users will now be able to set conditions on a trigger before saving. As long as all required fields in the trigger details have been completed, the trigger conditions will become available to be added. This will allow users to create triggers for multiple rentals at once, and have all of them share the same trigger conditions.

    Updated: The trigger condition section now appears once all of the required fields are completed in the trigger details. The user no longer has to click the Save button to see this section appear. This should be more intuitive.

    Updated: When archiving an active trigger, a pop-up now appears asking the user if they want to disable the trigger before archiving. This will prevent the confusion of archived triggers firing for some users.

    Updated: A new Automata Portal has been added to the Help widget. This allows users to submit and vote on suggestions for new features in the app.

    Updated: The Exclusion List switch, on the trigger overlay, has been given a label, to go along with the tooltip that was already in place. This should make it easier to understand what the switch does.

    Updated: Sympl and Checklist logos were added to the login page. This allows users to quickly navigate to those new products directly from the Automata login page.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed: New templates were automatically replacing existing templates on triggers.

    Fixed: When duplicating workflows, the triggers in the new workflow were not copying the channel filter selection.

    Fixed: When selecting the action Send Signature Form, the template selector was just 10 forms, instead of all forms if the user had more than 10. This has been corrected.

    Fixed: Tokeet Widget triggers were not firing for inquires created via widget. A change has been made to the inquiry widget HTML code, that will not allow Automata to capture these events. You will need to make the inquiry widget again in TV3, in order to copy the updated HTML code to your website.

    Fixed: Trigger conditions were not visible for triggers that had a hyphen in the trigger name. This issue has been corrected, and the pre-made samples have had any hyphens removed, in order to prevent future conflicts.

    Fixed: Webhook service experienced a brief interruption in operation. This issue was quickly resolved, and webhook triggers should operate properly now.

    Fixed: On the Booking page, the Last Triggered column was no longer showing the last trigger that fired. This issue did not prevent triggers from firing, and has now been resolved.

    Fixed: Triggers were no longer firing for task events. The issue has been resolved, and task triggers now fire as expected.

    Fixed: When an inquiry-related data token was included in a Signature contract, sending the contract using an Automata trigger would sometimes result in only the Tokeet User receiving the contract, and not the guest. After the fix, the Tokeet User and the guest receive the triggered contract in all situations.

    Fixed: When a trigger was unsuccessful, and a error message was available for the situation, the error log was no longer visible in the dashboard. After the fix, the error log is now available for unsuccessful trigger that have qualified error messages. This can be viewed on the Recent Activity page, with the Error Log action, or on the trigger activity tab, by clicking on an event entry in the table.

    Fixed: On the Booking Details overlay, the Messages tab was no longer showing the messages that had been send for the booking. After the fix, messages that were not visible before, will now be shown.

    Fixed: Users with a valid Tokeet trial were being shown the banner saying that Automata would not work without a valid subscription, eventhough the app was still fully functional. This banner now only shows when there is no Automata subscription, and a Tokeet account is no longer on trial.

    Fixed: The Insert Link button for inserting hyperlinks into a template was not working for some users. This has been fixed.

    Fixed: The |RENTAL:WEBSITES| data token was not properly inserting the Tokeet website URL into outgoing templates. This has been fixed.

    Fixed: When editing templates in multiple triggers, the first template that was edited was being assigned to the other triggers that were edited afterwards. This has been fixed now.

    Fixed: Message templates were assigned to the wrong triggers. This occurred when editing multiple templates in multiple triggers. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: The delete button on the Templates page was enabled, even when no templates were selected in the list. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: When editing the column headers on the Triggers and Bookings pages, the column options were displaying in multiple rows. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: When inserting a hyperlink into a template, the URL field was not visible through the sides of the template body window. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: When a contract trigger fired, the guest name and channel name were not properly displayed on the Recent Activity page. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: Some users received a bad request error message was appearing when attempting to save a template or trigger. The template and trigger would still save correctly, but the error message created some confusion. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: When creating a workflow from a sample, the different sample options were not displaying the correct collection of triggers. This issue has been fixed.

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  • RE: No Regular Updates

    Hi Rodney. We apologize for the lack of updates in the community forum. I can assure you that we have made a number of updates and changes to all of our products since Q3 2019. We have just failed to relay those updates here. We have an official changelog that you can follow here.

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  • RE: When is the new website builder coming?

    Hi Willem. This product is nearing completion. We do not have a timetable for release, as thorough testing must be conducted prior to launch. We will be making a public announcement, when this app is available for users to try. Thank you for your interest.

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