• Rategenie Tactics for COVID-19

    With the current COVID-19 pandemic, things are changing rapidly. The COVID-19 outbreak is expected to have a wide-ranging impact on tourism and travel in general. It’s important to note that the impact of COVID-19 has been quite localized as of mid-March.

    So far, the rental markets impacted the most are the places with the most cases of the virus. With that said, our engineering team is continuously monitoring all the changes in your market. For now, we recommend the following Rategenie tips to help you increase the chance of getting bookings for the next few months.

    Adjusting your Rental Rate settings
    One way to account for this is temporarily decreasing Base rate for your rentals until the market recovers. To learn more about it, check read our help guide about Rental rate settings.

    Adjust your Rates using Date Specific Rule
    You would like to adjust your rates so that you can increase your chances of booking in this current crisis. We recommend that you set a lower custom rate for April,May, June through Date specific Adjustments until the situation gets back to normal. To learn more about it, check out our help guide about Date Specific Adjustment Rule.

    Lower the Minimum Night stays to 1 night
    Lower the minimum night stays to 1 night (if your operation setup can accommodate this). You can set the min night stay to 1 night for each day by following our help guide about Min Nights Rule.

    Length of stay discounts
    Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a global shift from short to long bookings. So, we are recommending to all of our property managers to consider a substantial length of stay (LOS) discounts – Both Weekly and Monthly discounts can be set on the connected channels. Please note, LOS discounts are applied on top of Rategenoie rates recommendations.

    Adjust Last Min Rule and cancellation policy
    To adjust for the short-term demand reduction without sacrificing future gains, we recommend reducing the “Minimum Stay for Last Minute Bookings” to “1-day minimum within the last 60 days”. For more information visit our Last Min adjustment rule guide. Additionally, relaxing the Cancellation Policy can also make the listing more attractive to a wider audience – Please note that this configuration has to be done directly in the booking channel. You can read more about Airbnb cancellation policy by clicking here.

    Adjusting Special Events Rule
    Although many events have been canceled due to the current crisis. In this situation, you might still want your rates to be adjusted depending on the Public holidays in your region, you can only select Public holidays as event type while selecting events for your Special Events rule. Also, you would like these public holidays to take less impact, in this case we recommend you to set impact as ‘passive’. To learn more about events, please visit our help guide about Special Events Rule.

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  • RE: Reduction Tokeet fees

    Hey there, please message the support team and we will try our best to work with you. Thanks.

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  • Automated Invoicing Beta

    Our new automated invoicing is currently in beta and will soon be released. This feature will allow you to automatically create invoices when a guest books, before or after they check-in, before or after they check-out, or even if they cancel.

    We are welcoming users who wish to try this feature out beforehand and start using it now to email support@tokeet.com and let us know. We will get you set up in the beta and would love any feedback from the service.

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  • RE: AirBnB API: Custom length-of-stay discount

    Hey Martin, thanks for the feedback. I will update the product team about this.

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  • RE: Suggestions in general

    Hi Irina. Thank you for the thoughtful suggestions. These have been forwarded to the development team for consideration. We're unable to provide a timetable for implementation at the moment, as feasibility of each request has not yet been determined.

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  • RE: API link with Home Away

    Hi Alistair. Homeaway API integration is still in development. Release of the API has been delayed until later this year.

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  • RE: Payment Activity Logs for Gateways do not retain history of all transactions

    Hi Ryland. The payment logs go back 30 days, in app. If you wish to see activity beyond that span, you will have to reference your stripe account to see the full payment logs.

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  • RE: Website functionality

    Hi Alistair. At present, the new website builder is still in development, but the timetable for release has still not been determined. I do not want to discourage you from pursuing a more urgent solution, if you deem it necessary. We just hope that you give our website builder update a look when we release it in beta. It will be free to test, at that time, so if you prefer the results that we provide, hopefully you will be one of our early adopters.

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  • RE: Rateginie min/max

    Hi Konstantinos. This has been discussed at length, and it is possible to change this behavior. However, this would entail a change to the way Rategenie generates rates that might catch some users off-guard. Our concern is that the behavior of the channel adjustment rule is a known quantity now, and we would need significant lead time on implementing such a change, so that users who expect the min and max to be enforces on channel adjustments aren't suddenly facing a situation where those guardrails are no longer in place.

    Again, we can implement this change, but it will require considerable user feedback. We're currently reaching out to our early adopters to gauge user feedback, and we will make a decision afterwards, as to which features need updating.

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  • RE: Minimum length of stay per channel

    Hi Leigh. We have discussed this feature as a team, and it is something to be considered for a future update of Rategenie. There is no current timetable for implementation. The only solution that won't involve manually blocking dates would be creating duplicate rentals in TV3, and then linking them via iCal, in order to sync their availabilities. This will let to put a different min stay requirement on Airbnb from the other channels. This guide will explain how to link rentals together in TV3: https://www.tokeet.com/help/rental-settings/linking-rentals-together

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