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Our very own trendsetting dynamic pricing application, Rategenie, has gone mobile! Rategenie subscribers can now manage their rentals’ pricing strategies from the road. Alongside Tokeet Mobile, your VRM business has…

If there’s one single element of a vacation rental listing that can make bookings without the help of anything else, it’s the property photos. Likewise, if there’s a single element…

When it comes to vacation rental properties, it’s all too common for owners to spend all of their efforts decorating the interior and leave the outdoor space as an afterthought.…

Creating rates for multiple rentals can be tedious.  With TV3, we remove the hassle by providing you with an intuitive calendar interface and many new options that help you spend less time getting your rate plan in place. Adding a long term standard or dynamic rate can be done from your rates calendar by
Managing and organizing your inquiries is a big part of running a short term rental business.  Being able to quickly locate, edit and respond to guest inquiries is essential in making sure you have the time to deliver a great guest experience. New Filter Options New filter options provide you with the ability to
Simplifying your workflow can result in a positive impact on other parts of your business. For this reason, Tokeet is proud to introduce our new Universal Search feature. Whether it be responding to guest inquiries, answering questions via phone call, or simply managing the data on your Tokeet account, you now have the option
The release of Tokeet v3 brings a number of exciting additions and improvements to all of our features. While the UI will be a familiar work environment, you'll note a few differences in the Calendar's layout and functions. To take full advantage of Tokeet v3's advancements, we encourage you to take a brief look at