Our very own trendsetting dynamic pricing application, Rategenie, has gone mobile!

Rategenie subscribers can now manage their rentals’ pricing strategies from the road. Alongside Tokeet Mobile, your VRM business has never been easier to run.

Rategenie users can download and use the app for iOS or Android absolutely free:

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About the App

Rategenie is a truly innovative dynamic pricing application that’s available exclusively for Tokeet users. It allows users to create (or use pre-made) pricing strategies for their rental units that’ll automatically calculate the most effective nightly rate to maximize revenue.

Once you’ve set up a pricing strategy, you can sit back and watch Rategenie work its magic. When we say magic, we mean sophisticated rate calculation based on a number of variables including (but not limited to) competitor rates and local events.

To clarify, Rategenie actually monitors your rental’s direct competitors along with past pricing trends from your location and sets your prices up to ensure you get the bookings. It’s much more complex than simply undercutting though – that’s not much of a strategy in our books.

To add to an already startlingly smart piece of software, the app will also monitor your rentals’ localities for events such as concerts, conferences, and various other gatherings to adjust your nightly rates and maximize your profits.

If that doesn’t sound intriguing enough, perhaps the prospect of 30% increase in revenue may entice you. That’s the amount Rategenie users have been able to improve in just a short period of time after enabling the application.

How to Get Rategenie

If you’re a Tokeet user already, you’re in luck! Rategenie is available to use as a fully synchronized companion app for a starting price of just $9.99. You can access it by logging into Tokeet, clicking on the Add-Ons menu, and selecting Rategenie.

For those of you who aren’t yet Tokeet users but are interested in having a sophisticated, hands-off dynamic pricing strategy that’s fully integrated into the world’s most advanced rental management software, click here!

You can learn more by visiting the official Rategenie site. Further information can be found in this article here.