The release of Tokeet v3 brings a number of exciting additions and improvements to all of our features. While the UI will be a familiar work environment, you’ll note a few differences in the Calendar’s layout and functions.

To take full advantage of Tokeet v3’s advancements, we encourage you to take a brief look at some of the changes below!

The new and improved Tokeet calendar interface provides you with numerous options for managing invoices, messages, and bookings without the need to navigate away from the calendar.  Some of the improvements to our calendar module are highlighted in the article below.

Bookings can now be added with dates already included simply by dragging on the date range before selecting Add Booking in the resulting popup.

Tokeet v3 - Date drag selection 1
1. Click, hold, and drag across the desired block of dates
Tokeet v3 - Date drag selection 2
2. Upon release, you’ll be presented with the option to book or hold the date block.

Clicking on a booking provides you with the booking summary where you can do any of the following.

  • Quickly get an overview of the booking without having to open the inquiry details.
  • View the booking status of paid, unpaid, or partially paid.
  • Open the guest details overlay.
  • Add a Note to the booking.
  • Open up the message overlay to quickly send this guest a message.
  • Open up the full inquiry overlay to see everything.
Tokeet v3 - Booking detail overlay
The booking pop-up provides booking details instantly.

Choosing Edit on the Booking Summary will open the Inquiry Details overlay where you can edit anything on the inquiry, create an invoice, or send the guest a message.

Tokeet v3 - Inquiry overlay page
The inquiry overlay page provides guest & booking details, as well as messaging, invoices, and editable notes & flight data.

We’ve also made sure to include these new options on the Standard and Planning calendar views which you can switch to by selecting them from the calendar view menu on the left.

Tokeet v3 - Different calendar views
Tokeet v3 provides improved calendar views to assist in searching, organizing, and monitoring your bookings.

To change the default calendar view that shows when you log into your Tokeet account, simply select the Set as Default option next to the Calendar title.

Tokeet v3 - Set preferred calendar option
Users can set their preferred calendar as the default.

The Agenda Calendar includes a separate notes section where you can communicate with your staff without providing inquiry details that should not be accessible to their user role.

Tokeet v3 - Calendar notes
Access internal (staff) inquiry notes by clicking the icon in the far right column.

Our Filters and date navigation options have been improved to save you time.  You can quickly clear all filters with one mouse click, or navigate back to Today’s date at any time by clicking on the Today button.

Tokeet v3 - Quick calendar navigation
Tokeet v3 provides some helpful options to navigate your calendar quickly.

The new Tokeet Shared Calendar offers a clear visual representation of concurrent bookings by showing you the date that the booking starts and ends.

Tokeet v3 - Shared calendar
The shared calendar has a sleek appearance with color-coded date highlights.

Any thoughts?

Please feel free to offer your thoughts and suggestions by filling out this short questionnaire.  We look forward to working with you on improving our user experience!