The release of Tokeet v3 brings a number of exciting additions and improvements to all of our features. While the UI will be a familiar work environment, you’ll note a few differences in the Guest List’s layout and functions.

To take full advantage of Tokeet v3’s advancements, we encourage you to take a brief look at some of the changes below!

Managing your guest data is easy in TV3.  Our new and improved guest list offers a number of new features designed to allow you to store and access the details you require as well as making it easy to see the full guest record from anywhere in the app.

Clicking on any booking on your multi-calendar will provide you with a booking summary and a link to the guest’s record.  By clicking on the guest name you can make any required changes and then close the guest details overlay.

Tokeet v3 - Calendar pop-up with guest details
The booking calendar pop-up allows you to navigate to guest details quickly.

A guest details overlay can also be opened simply by utilizing the Universal Search option at the top/left of your screen.  This is available from any screen on your Tokeet account.

Tokeet v3 - Guest search bar
The universal search bar provides instant results as you type a guest’s name.

Our new and improved guest list now offers you the option of using the filters to select multiple guests and taking an action that will apply to all selected guests.

The complete guest record has been re-designed to allow you to easily do any of the following from within the guest record.

  • Send Messages
  • Add Notes to the guest record
  • Upload files or photos pertinent to the guest
  • Record Interactions such as phone calls and meetings.
  • View and access all bookings relating to the guest.
  • Set and create attributes.
Tokeet v3 - Guest detail tab
The guest detail tab provides history / activity logs, contact & booking data, editable notes, and messaging.

You can now assign Tags to guests which will create filter options so you can quickly pull up a list of guests with the same Tag on various reports and tables.

Tokeet v3 - Guest tags
Guest tags allow you to group guests for sorting, and are especially helpful for ensuring staff are aware of the guest’s assigned status.

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