Managing and organizing your inquiries is a big part of running a short term rental business.  Being able to quickly locate, edit and respond to guest inquiries is essential in making sure you have the time to deliver a great guest experience.

New Filter Options

New filter options provide you with the ability to narrow your search results and gain even more control over the data presented in the table.

Filter by date range
Filter by owner
Filter by tag *
Clear Filters button

* You can add tags to multiple inquiries by selecting one or more inquiries and choosing manage tags from the actions menu.

The Inquiry Detail Overlay

With the addition of the Inquiry Detail overlay, we save you the hassle of navigating to new screens when opening an inquiry from the list view.  Clicking on an inquiry presents you with an overlay showing all the booking details. After making your changes and closing the overlay you will be right where you left off, with all of your filter selections still applied.

A few new options are now available from within the Inquiry Details:

  • Add a secondary guest to an inquiry.
  • Manually mark a booking as Paid or Unpaid.
  • Add Tags to inquiries to quickly find them in the list view by using the Tag filter option.
  • Navigate directly to the full Guest Record from within an inquiry.

Inquiry Views

Three different inquiry views are available which each provide advantages depending on your needs.

Inquiry List View – This view provides the most flexibility for filtering and sorting your list.  Use the list view when needing to manage the inquiry details or create a filtered list with very specific criteria.

Inquiry Inbox View – This view provides an email inbox format where you can view your messages and inquiry details in the sort order of your choice.  All filter options from the List View are also available in the Inbox View.

Use the Inbox View for responding to guest inquiries that require you to refer to the inquiry details in order to respond.

Message Feed – With less time spent on using Tokeet, we hope to provide you with more time to grow your business.  Your ideas have made these improvements possible. We look forward to continuing our journey with you as part of our team.

This view shows only a list of messages which can be filtered by the message types below.

Inquiry:  Not connected with a confirmed booking.

Arriving:  Messages from guests who are due to arrive at one of your rentals.

In House:  Messages from guests who are currently staying at one of your rentals.

Departed:  Messages from guests who have already checked out of one of your rentals.

Tell us your thoughts!

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