Creating rates for multiple rentals can be tedious.  With TV3, we remove the hassle by providing you with an intuitive calendar interface and many new options that help you spend less time getting your rate plan in place.

Adding a long term standard or dynamic rate can be done from your rates calendar by opening the Edit menu and choosing the desired option.

Changing your rates for shorter periods of time used to involve creating promotional rates which you would have to ensure did not overlap with other promotional rates.  Now, by simply dragging on the calendar dates, you can make an adjustment to your rates, and Tokeet will do the work of making sure these overlaps do not occur.

The new rate calendar includes filter options for Rate Category, Rental, and Rental Tag, as well as the ability to see any channel adjustments you have set by using the channel adjustment filter.

Clicking on the rental name in your rates calendar will present the Rate Details overlay. This overlay will provide you with the full detail of all your rates, starting with the Standard Rate Calendar, which will show you the price for each rate category.

The Rates Table is populated and adjusted automatically as you make changes to your rates from the calendar interface.  You can choose to create rates from this section if you desire.

The Channel Adjustment section allows you to discount or increase the price pushed to any API channel by the amount or percentage you choose.  

The Rate Mappings section allows you to specify which rate categories to push to which channels.

Your Base Rate settings can be set under the Settings tab of the Rate Details overlay.  This price will apply when no other rates exist in a specific date range.

With Tokeet’s new intuitive rate calendar, you’ll be able to quickly adjust your rates and spend more time focusing on the details that improve your guest experience.

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