Simplifying your workflow can result in a positive impact on other parts of your business. For this reason, Tokeet is proud to introduce our new Universal Search feature.

Whether it be responding to guest inquiries, answering questions via phone call, or simply managing the data on your Tokeet account, you now have the option of instantly locating the item you need from any screen on your Tokeet account.

Instant search results as you type.

When selecting a record you will be presented with the appropriate overlay where you can make edits before closing the overlay and returning to work on the same screen you started on.

Guest detail overlay
Booking detail overlay

Each record in the search results will show specifics that will help you choose the one you are looking for and are accompanied by icons that show what type of record it is. Search results also include invoices (not pictured).

Finding what you’re looking for in Tokeet has never been easier.

Let us know what you think!

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