We are pleased to announce a new connectivity partnership with Holidu!

Who is Holidu?

The idea for Holidu was born when Johannes and Michael Siebers were trying to book a vacation rental for a surfing trip to Portugal. The brothers spent hours browsing through dozens of websites to find the right accommodation and were frustrated that some of the rentals were offered on multiple websites for different prices. 

In July 2014 they founded Holidu to finally make the search and booking of vacation rentals easy. Soon after, the Holidu website was helping millions of travellers find their perfect vacation rental for the lowest price.

What does Holidu offer?

“As passionate travellers ourselves, we want to make a real difference for our customers. We put our customers first in every decision and seek to be genuinely helpful. We listen to customers, partners and colleagues to serve them in a transparent and friendly manner.” 

  • Detailed search filters that help travellers find you.
  • Holidu scans comprehensive user reviews for each property listed and makes the best recommendation to help apprehensive travellers verify their choices. 

How does it work?

The process is quite simple and the setup takes only five quick steps. 

  1. Register here to get a provider ID. 
  2. Sign the contract that will be sent from Holidu after registering. 
  3. Enable Holidu in Tokeet’s Channel Manager using this guide.
  4. Finish your configuration (Holidu will prompt you for any additional information you will need to provide). 
  5. Holidu’s onboarding team must generate a test booking.

Once all five steps are completed, you will be live on Holidu’s API!

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