“We started as a small rental management company offering bespoke solutions to a small number of rental properties, but after quick growth, we needed to find a rental management system to handle hundreds of rentals and thousands of reservations.”

Paulo Bastas

Company Co-founder


We help home owners that want to rent their beautiful houses but don’t have the possibility to receive their guests. Renting a house is hard work: you have to clean the house, meet your guests when they arrive and assure they have a good stay.



We all know just how much work managing a single property can be – but what about 1000?

The City Concierge is fast approaching that landmark after just 4 years of operation. The City Concierge is a full-service management agency operating across six cities in two countries – with further expansion on the horizon.

So how did they manage to reach such lofty heights? As company co-founder Paulo Bastos describes it, the transition was sudden:


Tokeet’s Contributions

Just a couple years after implementing Tokeet, The City Concierge is a significantly larger company.

Their staff size grew by 200% (not including contracted employees), while the total number of active listings increased by 270%! The decision to implement a channel management system couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

While growth is an important marker in a company’s value, it doesn’t necessarily translate to more profits. That’s why it’s important to note that, when examining the employee to listing ratio, the staff’s operating efficiency has also improved by 25%

  • Managed all client properties across multiple listing channels.
  • Improved guest communication response times.
  • Increased efficiency with automated operations.
  • Provided clients with personalized data reports on-demand (previously done manually).

The City Concierge reports that each of their needs was met, and the software exceeded expectations by providing a number of secondary features that helped increase efficiency and customer experience.

Moving Froward

With a reliable management system in place and a proven ability to thrive in new locations, The City Concierge is expected to stand within the top three European rental management companies in just a few years time.

These aren’t baseless expectations, as the company is a process of continuous expansion. The plan, according to Bastos, is for the company to be present in twenty European cities by 2022. He estimates their active listings will increase to over 4000 by that time.

When asked where Tokeet may fit into these plans, Bastos had this to say:

We’d like to thank co-founder Paulo Bastos for taking the time to speak to us about The City Concierge!


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